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Using Images Online

On this site, you may find avatars and signatures that you would like to use. To do so is very simple. (NB – This guide is not to be used for dynamic signatures)

  1. Right click the image you want, and select “Save Image As.”
  2. Go to and on the main page, there will be a button which says “Browse.“ Select that, and find the image on your computer. Once you find it (wherever you saved it in step 1), select it and click “Ok.”
  3. Select the button which says “Upload.”
  4. Imageshack will give you a number of different codes now, but the one you want is one of the two which says either “Hotlink for forums (1),” or “Hotlinks for forums (2),” next to it. On most forums, including the FanGathering forums, the first one is the one you want.
  5. On the forum, go to your “User CP,” and select the link which mentions your “Signature,” or your “Avatar,” accordingly. NB – On other forums, you may have to search around in your control panel for the “Signature,” section. Talk to an admin on that forum for more help.
  6. Paste the code from step 4 into the “Signature,” box and select “Ok”/“Update Signature”/“Edit Signature” etc.
  7. If you are using a Display Picture for MSN (Or another IM), you will find the “Change My Display Picture,” option in your settings, or by clicking the drop-down arrow beneath the display picture window in a chat.

If you are using the image for something other that what is mentioned above, talk to someone who uses that service as well for more help.