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Signature Banners

Dynamic Sigs

The first two signatures are dynamic, the text on them will be different each time the page loads. To use them, make sure you link directly to the images here. Saving them to your computer first won’t work. Thanks to darvit for making them!

URL to use – This sig gives random facts about Butler.

Mud Man Tracker
URL to use – This sig shows what Foaly knows about you.

The Signatures

Artemis Fowl Userbar

All of the userbars were created by DoctorWHO?. Thanks!

Darker Perspective

Ive Been Expecting You by o0o VVhY
by o0o VVhY – Image supplied by Aqane

Holly Short?

Is this Butler?

Artemis the Hunter

Holly Short LEP
By Confirm Pentecost

Fairy by Jasmin
by Jasmin

The LEP by Pyrus
by Pyrus – Image supplied by ChessaB

DNA Never Lies
Image Supplied by AgiVega

Holly Short
by o0o VVhY – Image supplied by Kawaii

Butler by Hobboy
By Hobboy

Holly by Hobboy
by Hobboy

Think Fairy by DoctorWho
by DoctorWHO?

What Do You Get? by DoctroWHO
by DoctorWHO?

Artemis by DoctroWHO
by DoctorWHO?

Trust Me
by DoctorWHO?

How To Use

These banners can be used on any forum you wish. To learn how to use them, you can read our guide. If you have an Artemis Fowl signature which you would like to add, please contact us.