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Display Pictures

Arty's Gal Deceived DNA Never Lies Eternity Genius Obsession Stolen Wrong Incident Shiny Things Team Holly Team Minerva Team Juliet I Hate Lollipops Arty be Mine Die Minerva Die I am Holly. Seriously. Holly/Trubs Forever I dig Mulch Diggums Holly/Arty Forever I'm a certified professional shipper. Minerva/Arty forever. Enter Haven Foaly Julius Root LEPretrieval LEPrecon Artemis Fowl Domovoi Butler Holly Short Trouble Kelp Artemis Fowl Butler Foaly Holly Short Root Jon Spiro Demonds holly-short_target_acquired.jpg

A huge thanks to darvit, DoctorWHO? and Target Acquired for submitting their great avatars as well!

How to Use

Display pictures (aka. avatars) are the little images people use beneath their names on forums, or next to their chat messages in MSN, AIM or another instant messenger. So why not make your display picture Artemis Fowl themed?

If you have an Artemis Fowl avatar that you would like to see displayed here (Credit will be given of course), please send an e-mail to admin[at], or post it in the feeback section on our forums.

If you are unsure as to how to use display pictures, a short guide can be found here.

Feel free to use them on any forum, instant messaging program, or anywhere else you can find a use for them. It is not compulsory, but if you do use one, we would appreciate a link back to FanGathering, so that others can see where you found your avatar. On most forums, simply pasting the following code into your ‘Signature’ will do the trick: “[URL=]Avatar from Artemis Fowl FanGathering[/URL]” Thanks!