How Do I Get an Avatar?

The display pictures in this site’s comment section are powered by Gravatar. Getting an avatar for your comments is easy, fast and free.

Just sign up on Gravatar with your email address. Once you’ve activated your account, you can then upload an image to their site using the “Add A New One” link. With the image added, just click it to add it to your email address. Now when you post a comment on FanGathering using this email address, the avatar will automatically be added for you.

What’s more, this works for all Gravatar-enabled sites! You’ll find hundreds of websites and blogs across the internet using Gravatar, and your email address will work with every single one of them.

Do I Have To Get An Avatar?

Nope. The avatars are just a nice little feature we added, which help identify the comment’s author. You can use comments just as well without ever getting an avatar.