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The Fairy Council

The Council is a group of seven fairies, who rule over all of the Lower Elements (the underground world where the fairies live.) The Council can overrule any decision made by any fairy in existence.

The LEP has the power to do a large number of things, but before they can carry out anything drastic, they need the approval of the Council. This can be a problem for the LEP, as often, the Council’s members may be divided, and take too long to come to a decision, or of course, turn down the LEP’s proposal altogether.

The Council itself is very rarely seen in the Artemis Fowl series. The members, its tasks, and the inevitable arguments are scarcely seen first hand. Instead, what we read is usually in the form of references to the Council, such as a fairy doing the bidding of the Council, or the LEP receiving an order from the Council.

The most notable Council member is Vinyaya, as she is the one who understands the LEP the best, and got along well with Commander Root. We also find out that she is a very accomplished marks-man with a gun, better even than many of the LEP’s own operatives!