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Series Overview

Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old mastermind. He is the sole heir to the Fowl empire, and a criminal empire at that. The Fowl family is extremely rich, and the majority of this wealth is the result of centuries of law breaking and crime. Unfortunately for the young Artemis Fowl, when he was 10, one of these schemes went sour on his father, who hasn’t been seen since then. Artemis has taken it upon himself to carry on the Fowl legacy, and it would seem he is more than capable of doing so.

On his quest for riches, Artemis uncovers something far, far more valuable than money. He discovers The People.

The People are fairies, magical creatures such as elves, pixies, centaurs and all the other creatures you can read about in our Species guide. The fairies now live deep underground, away from the humans. No human has ever discovered their existence before, and even more worryingly, tried to take one hostage.

As the series unfolds, Artemis finds himself in need of help from the fairies, and vice verse. With Artemis’ brains, and a whole host of magical creatures and abilities, there is no limit to the number of adventures they could get up to.