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Artemis seems to have spent most of his life scheming, and here is a list of the successful which we have heard about, in reading order:

[WARNING – This entire section is a spoiler]

  • Tracked down and bargained with a fairy for the book, which he was then able to translate – the first human ever to do so.
  • Captured a live fairy.
  • Defeated the LEP’s best attempts to retrieve their agent, and then their attempts to retrieve their gold.
  • Discovered and executed a way to escape the time-stop, something even the fairies thought to be impossible.
  • Infiltrated the secure Koboi labs and foiled a scheme by the B’Wa Kell.
  • Outwitted the Russian Mafiya.
  • Outsmarted the ruthless Jon Spiro and his cronies.
  • Successfully found a way to bypass Foaly’s mindwipe.
  • Stolen a priceless painting from one of the most secure banks in the world.
  • Foiled a plan by one of the smartest fairies ever, to introduce humans to fairies in a way that could not be solved by mind wipes.