Inventions and Gadgets

Time-Stop Towers

A set of five towers which enable a time-stop to be set up mechanically. The five warlocks initiating the time-stop store their magic in the tower batteries and the rest is done by the machine. The main benefit of this is that the warlocks don’t need to do anything else, and the total length of the time-stop is increased from around one and a half hours to eight hours.

L.E.P. Helmet

The helmet designed by Foaly is issued to all LEP personnel, and is probably the most useful gadget they receive. It keeps them in constant contact with each other, sends video feed to HQ, acts as a gas mask and has different vision filters, including thermal and one for seeing past fairy shields. The helmet is also virtually indestructible.

Dragonfly Wings

The elves may not have natural wings, but thanks to Foaly, they can still fly. The Dragonfly wings even look like a real set of wings! However, it must be said that Opal Koboi’s “DoubleDex” design is an improvement over the Dragonfly, but Foaly is not one to be outdone easily – he has now created a “retractable wing design” which he is extremely proud of.


Pods are basically titanium shelled eggs with the controls needed to allow fairies to ride the magma flares from the earth’s core to the surface. This is the quickest way to get to the surface, but also the least comfortable!

Neutrino Series

The standard issue gun for the LEP. The neutrino boasts a number of different power settings, and is not designed to kill, but to stun. This makes it ideal for the LEP. The most recent edition, the Neutrino 3000 registers and records every shot fired, and each gun can only be fired by the person to whom it is registered. This is intended for extra security.

Plasma Tiles

Flooring that fights. Once activated, in half a second, the plasma warms up, then another half second later, a neutrino charge pulses through it, sending anyone standing on the tiles flying high into the air.

Voice Activated Laser

Once activated, this laser will shoot the next thing to speak.


Suction cups attached to the subject’s eyes, which can then see the last thing the subject saw. Also, the Retimager can be fed images from the computer to see if the subject has ever seen a certain item/place/creature before. Another bonus is that the Retimager can even see things that have been mind wiped from the subject.

Sleeper Deeper

Anyone in the vicinity when this is activated will stay in the state they are in, i.e. if you are asleep, you will stay asleep until it wears off, and the same goes for being awake. The Sleeper Deeper isn’t a chemical either, it uses brainwaves to work.


A camera, with a zoom feature and sends the live feed to a computer – but the interesting part is that this camera is a contact lens which can be coloured. This way, it is extremely hard to detect, and impossible for humans.


A microphone made from a memory latex material, making it virtually invisible. The latex is extremely thing and colours to match your skin. You can even speak as quietly as you like, as the Throat-Mic monitors your vocal chords, not actual sound. Simply stick to throat and that’s it.