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Fairy Transport

How is it that fairies travel around both below the ground, and above it, yet humans never find them? Furthermore, travelling to the center of the earth would be an impossible task for humans, so how can the fairies do it so easily? This page relates heavily to the LEP, so you may want to make sure you know who The LEP are.

Firstly, to get to the surface; fairies have two options, the pods or the chutes. The pods are extremely dangerous and need a lot of training to handle – but once mastered, they are by far, the quickest way to reach the surface. Unfortunately, they are extremely uncomfortable to ride in, and usually only available to the LEP – and even at that, it is normally only when a single fairy needs to get to the surface instantly, i.e. the LEPrecon branch.

The chutes are used a lot more commonly. They definitely take some time longer to reach their destination, but can carry numerous passengers, are infinitely more comfortable, and can carry a lot of equipment. The chutes are open to the public, and are used by LEPretrieval teams, which do not need to get to the surface with the urgency LEPrecon have, but do need to bring a lot of people and equipment.

That explains how the fairies get to the surface, and now to explain how they can travel around once there. The major feature of this is to not be seen by the humans, and the fairies do this with something that may seem like magic, but isn’t really. The fairies simply vibrate at such a high speed, they become invisible to the naked eye, but as they are only vibrating, they can still be caught on camera when the footage is viewed frame by frame. You can read more about this power on our Fairy Powers page.

Finally, the travelling itself. Walking would be too slow, they’d be noticed on a train, and a car with an invisible driver would attract as much attention as a visible fairy would! If no human transportation will work, the fairies had to find their own, and they did this in the form of wings, artificial wings, powered by engines which enable the fairies to fly. For more details on these wings, read our Inventions guide.