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Fairy Powers

Fairies are magical creatures. This is the main thing that sets them apart from humans. However, this isn’t your standard wand pointing and funny words magic; the magic in the Artemis Fowl universe is more complex. There are only a few different forms of magic available to fairies and these can be split into two main sections, group magic, and individual magic.

Individual Magic


The lowest form of fairy magic, the mesmer requires only the faintest amount of energy to cast, and is still an extremely effective weapon on humans. Once cast, the victim is under complete mind control from the fairy who cast it. To cast the mesmer, the caster must have clear eye contact with the victim. Therefore, if the victim is wearing sun glasses, or any other equipment which hides their eyes, then they will be safe.


Naturally, this is the most commonly used magic, and does exactly as you would expect. Fairy healing powers are extraordinary. They can cure any wound or illness, and even revive the dead, so long as the victim has only been dead a few minutes. This magic works automatically if the fairy with the healing powers itself is injured, or else the fairy can manually heal someone else.

Block Mind-Wipe

A mind-wipe removes certain memories from the victims conscious mind. In this way, humans can be made to forget that they ever saw fairies, or of course, anything else that the spell caster may not want someone to remember. A block mind wipe removes every memory in a set period of time, both threatening and innocent ones. This is a disadvantage to the victim as they will also forget the normal things they did which were of no problem to anyone.

Group Magic


This is the most advanced form of fairy magic, and requires five very powerful warlocks. The five warlocks must form a pentagon shape, with one warlock at each corner. They must then raise their arms and cast the magic. The time-stop freezes time within that pentagon, allowing events to go on, un-noticed by the world outside. The problem is that the warlocks must keep their arms raised for the duration of the stop, therefore, usually after about one and a half hours, the time-stop will cease. Notably, this magic has been ‘computerised’ by Foaly. You can read more about this in our Inventions guide.

Precise Mind Wipes

Instead of wiping an entire time period from a person’s mind, the Precise Mind Wipe reads through all of the subject’s memories individually, and only edits the ones specific to whatever it is that is to be wiped. This form of wipe is far kinder to the subject, as they will still retain any memories which pose no threat to those doing the wipe.