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Dwarf Tunnelling

Dwarf = Tunneller. It’s as simple as that. Whilst pixies love to fly, dwarves love crawling through clay. It is not just a simple matter of digging holes in the garden however, it is a multi-purpose skill which dwarves were born to do. There are two sections below, the first explains tunnelling and how dwarves are adapted to do it while the second describes some of its uses.

Tunnelling Info

Dwarves have evolved to tunnel, and so, they are now extremely good at it! Here is a simple flow-chart of the system:

  • Jaw is detached so that mouth can be opened extremely wide.
  • Strong molar teeth take a large bite of the earth.
  • The earth is ingested into the dwarf, where it is then stripped of any nutrients which can be used by the dwarf.
  • The earth is then shot out the dwarf’s rear.

All of this is done instantaneously. This makes dwarves extremely fast tunnellers. Think of the whole process as a very quick version of our own eating system, but with muck…

Uses for Tunnelling

There are two sides to this section, the legal, and the not so legal. First up, the legal:

The most obvious career is mining. Digging out caves in the earth and searching for precious stones and metals seems ideal for a dwarf. Aside from that, there is a fair bit of construction work suitable to their talents, such as laying pipes and wires in the ground.

Now, for the illegal side: Breaking into a building would obviously be a lot easier if done from beneath, Security cameras cant be placed underground, so the only human defence is extremely thick flooring or a minefield…