Characters: Mulch Diggums

“He’s a slippery one.”

Mulch is a dwarf, but with a less than perfect record. A long time ago, he gave up his magical powers so that he would be free to burgle human houses. Not once has he regretted his decision, as although he may have no actual magic, he is still free to use all of the natural abilities granted solely to dwarves. To see how these have helped his criminal career, you can read our dwarf page on Burglary Tips and Tricks.

Unfortunately for Mulch, he has been caught and arrested by the LEP numerous times, resulting in Mulch having spent several centuries in prison. Despite all this, Mulch is the greatest burglar there is – even the LEP have been forced to admit this. Naturally, when Artemis Fowl’s criminal mind met Mulch, an idea for the perfect partnership was formed. Artemis’ brains with Mulch’s talents would be a fearsome combination, but will it ever happen?

[SPOILER – Book 4]

But are the criminal days over for Mulch? Now that a little computerised hacking by Artemis has cleared Mulch’s name of all previously committed crimes, Mulch has claimed he will be going straight, and has even gone into a partnership with Holly Short – but is this too good to last, or are Mulch’s criminal days really over?