Characters: Julius Root

“Root’s face was purple with rage. This was more or less his general state of existence…”

Root is the Commander of the LEP, and as the quote suggests, he is usually angry about one thing or another. At first, he may seem like an unfair and grumpy superior officer, but as Holly soon comes to realise, he is just doing his job, but more importantly, doing it well.

Root is efficient and does his job better than anyone else could. He yells at failure, nods at a pass, but credits true success, making the rare compliment all the better. Root is responsible for a huge number of successful LEP operations, and is even respected by his enemies!

Root wasn’t always the Commander though. Back in his field officer days, he seems to have been just the sort of officer Holly is. Flying is still his favourite thing in the world, but for the good of the People, he gave it up to become Commander. Yet, even with this knowledge of his old light heartedness and kindness – I do NOT recommend crossing him!