Characters: Holly Short

“Holly is one of my best officers, even if she doesn’t believe it.”

Holly Short is an elf, and also the first female officer in the LEP in history. This has earned her unfair prejudice from many of her comrades, and a lot of pressure, but still she carries on, fuelled by her desire to help the people.

Holly is a cheerful girl, who gets on well with most people once they get to know her. She even helps bring out the good side of Artemis, and she is loathe to harm even her enemies. Holly’s light heartedness, quirkiness and sarcastic humour is definitely one of the best parts of the adventures.

When caught in a dangerous situation, her total calm and quick thinking are a great combination. Holly has been the saviour of both Artemis and Butler, more than once. Holly also has a special gift when it comes to flying.