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Characters: Foaly

“…he hadn’t lost the ability to be the most annoying creature under the earth when he wanted to be.”

Foaly is a centaur, and a technological genius. Foaly is the LEP’s top technician. He designs most of their equipment and provides assistance to those on the missions, but from the safety of his own operations booth of course. Just have a look at the Foaly’s Inventions page to see how creative he really is.

Foaly has patented more inventions than anyone else, and it is mainly through his work that the fairies have managed to stay hidden. Foaly is competitive, and welcomes a challenge, although it is usually just so that he can prove his own intelligence.

There is however one drawback to dealing with Foaly, his sarcasm. No-one can escape Foaly’s jibes, not even Commander Root, but for the reader, its hilarious! Check out the Talking to Foaly page, to make sure you’re ready for him!