Characters: Domovoi Butler

“That man looked as if he could squash half a dozen fairies in one massive fist.”

Butler is a bodyguard, one of the elite bodyguards trained from the age of 10 by Madame Ko to become the utmost in efficiency. Candidates who pass her training are marked with a blue diamond tattoo, and Butler holds the record for passing at the youngest age, 18. He is, “the best.”

The Butler family has always protected the Fowls, it has been that way for centuries. Butler has guarded Artemis Fowl from the moment of his birth. Time and time again, Artemis’ plans have gone astray, and it is all down to Butler’s actions that the problem is solved. Butler has crumpled steel reinforced doors, decimated an entire LEP Retrieval team and is the only human ever to have defeated a troll in hand to hand combat.

Beneath all of his training however, Butler is a kindly person. He would do anything for those he cares about, and god save any creature who tries to harm them!

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