Characters: Artemis Fowl

“You are an amazing kid Arty.”

Artemis Fowl is the lead character in the series and despite being just a human, he is perhaps the most unusual of the lot.

The thing that sets Artemis apart from everyone else is that although still a child, his manner is that of an adult. An extremely mature, responsible adult at that. His vocabulary could write speeches for world leaders, his everyday dress code would fit in perfectly at a coronation and his pass-times revolve solely around increasing his intelligence, and plotting new schemes of course.

Artemis Fowl is an undesputable genius, and not just for a child, but for any age group, or species, on, or under, the earth. Artemis is the mastermind behind his adventures, due to his incredible imagination and unparalleled knowledge level. Unfortunately, whilst he is unmatched at hatching plans, any physical aspects of the plan involving himself put him at a loss. Artemis is frail and simply not fit. The reason for this is simple – Butler does the physical parts for him.

Finnally, Artemis’ personality is constantly changing. To begin with, he is a spoiled child who only respects himself and will do anything for money. Yet as the series progresses, and his adventures unfold he learns respect and comes to realise that money isn’t everything. Artemis’ adventures aren’t over yet, and even he isn’t sure just who he is at the minute, but with Holly, Butler and a family looking out for him, let’s hope he continues to improve…