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How good are you with riddles? Think you can solve these Fowl conundrums?

  1. Holly, in her completely black section 8 suit, stands in the middle of an intersection in a town painted black. None of the light strips are working due to a power failure caused by Artemis. Commander Root, driving a car with two broken headlights, drives towards Holly but turns in time to avoid hitting her. How could Commander Root have seen Holly in time?

  2. Doctor J. Argon and Doodah Day are both in love with the same woman, an attractive elf named Sarah. Doodah Day had to go on a long trip (smuggling fish) that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?

  3. The LepRecon retrieval squad is standing in Fowl Manor facing due west. Commander Root shouted at them:

    Right turn!

    About turn!
    Left turn!

    In which direction are they now facing?

  4. A headless Cudgeon had a letter to write;

    It was read by a elf who had lost his sight.
    The dumb dwarf repeated it word for word;
    And deaf was the pixie who listened and heard.

    Solve this riddle. The answer is a letter.

  5. Artemis Fowl was born in 1955. But we all know he’s alive and well at the age of 14, legally 18. How can this be?

  6. Commander Root had Opal Koboi’s explosive strapped on his chest. He informs his three best officers, Trouble Kelp, Holly Short and Foaly that he will leave them his private shuttles. To Holly Short he leaves half of his shuttles. To Trouble Kelp he leaves one third of them, and to Foaly, he leaves one ninth. After he explodes into a million pieces, the three officers went to get their shuttles, but discovered there were 17 shuttles. They did not want to sell or destroy any of the shuttles, and they could not think of a way to divide the shuttles exactly as Commander Root wished. Just then Artemis Fowl came along on his personal shuttle and listened to their problem. Immediately Artemis thought of a way to divide the shuttles just as Commander Root had wished.

    What was his easy solution?

  7. Commander Root decided to let Mulch try to escape the prison with a clean slate. Commander Root placed 2 marbles in a jar that was glued to a table. One of the marbles was supposed to be black, and one was supposed to be blue.

    If Mulch could pick the blue marble, he would escape the prison with a clean slate. If he picked the black marble, he would be sent to Howler’s Peak. However, Commander Root was in a bad mood, and he wickedly placed 2 black marbles in the jars and no blue marbles. Mulch witnessed the Commander only putting 2 black marbles in the jars.

    If the jar was not see-through and the jar was glued to the table and Mulch could not speak (Due to bowel problems) so he could not say anything, how did he escape with a clean slate?