Help Holly Einstein Puzzle

Hello, salutations, good day! What a pleasant person you seem to be! You are looking for the young human person Artemis? Of incomparable intelligence? Well I thought it would be obvious where he is! He is where he always is, by the side of his gigantic, enormous bodyguard! I would check there first!
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Holly is on the hunt for two criminals. After a week of research, and two long stake-outs, she has collected 15 points of information. The problem is, she isn’t quite sure how to use it to find her guys, and she really, really, doesn’t want to have to turn to Artemis for help. He would enjoy that far too much. So it’s up to you to help her out. Can you find out who stole the Neutrino, and who the vandal from the hockey match is?

What she knows:

  1. There are 5 houses, all in a row, in one street.
  2. The goblin lives in the white house.
  3. The dwarf plays rugby.
  4. There is cam-foil in the pink house.
  5. The elf owns a laptop.
  6. The pink house is immediately to the right of the yellow house.
  7. The whisky drinker skates.
  8. Water is drunk in the blue house.
  9. The guitar is in the middle house.
  10. The centaur lives in the first house on the left.
  11. The juice-drinker, lives in the house next to the runner.
  12. Water is drunk in the house next to the basketballer.
  13. The owner of the segway drinks grog.
  14. The pixie drinks coffee.
  15. The centaur lives next to the green house.

There are 5 houses, 5 species, 5 items, 5 drinks and 5 sports. Can you help Holly out, and find the neutrino owner and hockey player? You can get clues by clicking the “Help Me!” buttons below, and the answer by clicking the “Answer” button at the bottom. Good luck!


This puzzle is meant to be very hard to solve. It is a modified version of the Zebra Puzzle, possibly created by Einstein himself, who said that 98% of people would be unable to solve it. It should take alot of attempts, and at least half an hour, so don’t worry if you can’t get it!


Color Blue Green White Yellow Pink
Species Centaur Elf Goblin Dwarf Pixie
Item Neutrino Laptop Guitar Segway Cam-Foil
Drink Water Juice Whisky Grog Coffee
Sport Running Basketball Skating Rugby Hockey