What if Arty’s Dad never Left?

Summary: what if…..what if he never left, artemis thought, he was lying in his bed, as he fell asleep, he had […]

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what if…..what if he never left, artemis thought, he was lying in his bed, as he fell asleep, he had the most wonderis dream

*ARTEMIS!* his father shouted from the stairs, artemis ran down stairs where his father was holdng up a very expensive and broken laptop
“yes father” asked artemis
“what have you done to my new laptop, it had all the details of the fowl stars next voyage on there” artemis the fist said dropping the useless machine
“i was trying to do improements to it, besides, you coud just buy a new one” artemis said not daring to look up, artemis was 14 years old and getting smarter to impress his father,but he never succeded.
“artemis, im going to say this again and this is the last time, stay off the new electronics, you know you always make them worse!” artemis the first said picking up the laptop and heading towards the study
” is every thing alright, sir?” asked butler
“yes butler,you kow, i wish i had some one to talk to, i feel….well….alone” artemis said walking to the attic study, when he got there, a pretty girl, about artemis’s hight with hazel eyes with hair to match,
“hello artemis, im guessing you dont know me?” said the young girl
“n.no, who are you and how how did you get in here?” artemis asked noticing she had
pointed ears
“my name is captain holly short of the lower elements police, i flew in through the open window” holly said
“yes,the lep, run by foaly” artemis said then gasped, how did he know this
“yes,clever mud-boy, how do you know this and what else do you know?” asked holly jumpng to her feet
” i know that the people live below ground and foalys a centeur, though i dont know how i know this” artemis said truthfuly and gasped again at what he just said
holly got worried now, he knew too much for his own good”i need you to come with me,its important” holy said
*course, any thing for the people, it isn’t koboi, is it?” artemis asked wondering how he knew these things
holly went over to artemis and just looked at him then..SMACK
“youve been spying on us, havent you!” holly said
artemis rubbed his cheek where she hit him
“ouch, that hurt, i dont know, it just came to me, and the argueing seems very familiar to me” artemis laughed
holly laughed as well,
“well, im done here, foaly for some reason wanted to check you out, you seem nice aswell as cute” holly said with a blush
“well, im used to people doing that to me, they keep clinging to me when i go out and chasing me *im referring to the clingy fan girls on here for a joke*, it can be annoying, you quite..beautiful your self holly, has trouble asked you on a date yet?”asked artemis, shocked at what he just said
“nah, if he does then i would say no, he aint my type”holly said turning invisable
“i know your there holly,i can hear you” artemis giggeled
“aww man, i was hoping to scare you” holly giggeled”
they sat there looking out at the sun until
“artemis, i must go now, im slacking off” holly signed
really,thats too bad, maby we could..i dont know..maby…go out some time?” artemis blurted out
“yer, maby, if people dont mind looking at a fairy” holly laughed and artemis joined in
then before holly left, she turned around and looked into artmeis’s eyes, he did the same, they were quite close together, then they locked lips, to artemis and holly it felt like it lasted for ages but then they pulled away, holly waved goodbye then left leaving artemis to faint.

“artemis…hey, artemis, wake up, its your birthday” said myles
“urgh.what..where am i” artemis groaned
“you sleeped ages” said becett, his grammer was still to improve
it was just a dream artemis thought,
“hey there son, have a good sleep?” artemis the first asked with a smile
“father” artemis shouted leaping up to hug his father, artemis the first caught him
“woah, i guess you had a weird dream ” asked artemis the firstsaid
“you could say that” artemis said
he started to explain his dream to every one, they all knew about artemis and the fairys and artemis’s devious plots,
you could say ….what if this was true?
the end

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  1. I like it. Artemis is a bit OOC and your grammar could use improvement. Bit I still like the storyline and everything!

  2. By the way….. Are you new to FanFiction? Welcome!

  3. If you are new “WELCOME TO FANFICTION” and anyway , it’s nice, a little editting in grammer (unless you WANTED holly to say ‘ain’t ‘) I like it, Also , the capitilazing, a little editting but it IS AWESUM!

  4. hey, welcome! I’m Olive by the way. Everyone calls me Olive but you, and anyone else that wants to, can call me Katherine or Kat. Anyway, I love the story, it was cool. Grammer and punctuation could use improvement, not that I am much better at them myself. 🙂

  5. lol… neither am I , I stink at that !

  6. Yeah, work on the grammar, but good job! Welcome!

  7. WHAT!?!?! Olive is a she?

  8. lol, I agree with everyone above!

  9. Wow, that was pretty wild! I love it and welcome to fan fiction. Here’s a tip, save your fics on a flash drive or something, to avert disaster.I lost my fic to something, and am pretty ticked.

  10. Hm … the spelling, grammer, capitalization and punctuation could use some work 😕 . The storyline was beautiful, and it keeps readers reading. Very interesting, includes personality with every character and is very discriptive.:mrgreen: This story is full of surprises, and if it weren’t for the spelling, grammer, punctuation and capatalization errors it would be a 5/5. Good, very good, 3/5. At the least. 😈

  11. Oops … sorry wrong smiley at the end there. My mistake … :mrgreen:

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