Unknowing Confessions

Summary: Dedicated to The Huntress, and her story “Of One Accord But Two Minds,” which inspired this. Read, hate and respond. […]

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Dedicated to The Huntress, and her story “Of One Accord But Two Minds,” which inspired this. Read, hate and respond.


Holly walked down the halls of the Argon Clinic slowly, which was unusual. Usually she hurried to see her sick human friend. But today she was tired and run-down.

She approached his door quietly, and was surprised to hear a voice inside. She couldn’t make out any words, but it sounded annoyed, maybe angry.

The elf pushed the door open, and glanced around, opening her mouth to say something. But the words died in her throat.

Artemis was the only person in the room. He sat cross-legged on the bed, leaning against the wall. Talking to himself. No–not to himself. To Orion.

“Will you be quiet about Holly? Yes, she is beautiful. NO, I am not in love with her.”

Then the tone changed. Orion’s softer voice issued through his mouth. “Yes, you are, my alter. Your thoughts are my thoughts. And besides, you built me from parts of your personality you did not accept. And I love Holly.”

I never considered that, thought Holly.

“Regardless–” Artemis started.

“How did you feel when she kissed you?”

He gasped. “What?”

“Don’t argue, just tell me. Admit it. That is the first step to healing, correct? To accept me? And besides, it isn’t like I don’t know already, so it isn’t new.”

Holly waited in silence, closing the door and sitting in the only available chair. Artemis was immersed in his own mind; she knew nothing short of a slap to the face would awaken him.

Moment of truth.

Orion was impatient. “Well? Would you like me to say it for you? I can hear your thoughts, you know.”

Artemis sighed. “I felt… complete… Whole… Fulfilled… Amazed.” He was warming to this. It felt good to finally, finally say it. “Overwhelmed. Burning. Fascinated. Invincible.”

“In one word?” Orion asked gleefully.

Artemis spoke in barely more than a whisper. “Perfect.”

The indominant personality was businesslike. “So you do love her.”

“What difference does it make, Orion?!? She doesn’t love me, and never will! So stop playing matchmaker and let me suffer in silence!”

“You don’t suffer when she’s there.”

“Yes, but it hurts when she’s gone. Because I can never, ever have her.”

“You don’t know that. You could tell her.”

Holly wholeheartedly agreed with this sentiment. You idiot Mud Boy.

“And if she doesn’t love me?”

Orion was silent.

Exactly. Go die somewhere in a cold forgotten corner of my brain.” Artemis sounded choked, as though on the verge of crying.

“Merge me into yourself, why don’t you? Heal your complex, and then confess your love to the fair Holly?”

“And how would you propose we ‘merge’? Any bright ideas?”

“Admit it out loud.”

Every consciousness in the room instantly knew what he meant.

Artemis spluttered for a moment, then composed himself. “Will it work?”

“Most likely.”

The two boys that were one breathed deeply, then, as one, spoke, voices layering as they said what the elf in the room now desperately wanted to hear.

“I love Holly.” A confession,

a hope,

a dream.

They gasped, convulsing then quieting.

And Artemis opened his eyes. He looked at his hands, and searched his brain for another personality. And found nothing. “He’s gone.”

“Not technically,” said Holly, smiling at him. “He’s part of you. Or all of you. Or you’re all of him. You can probably explain it to me better than I can explain it to you, though.”

When she started speaking, Artemis’s eyes had popped wide open. When she finished, he slowly turned his head to look at her. “Holly?”

“You’ve been speaking out loud to yourself for the last… oh, I don’t know, maybe ten minutes now?”

The boy was apparently not quite ready for words.

“So,” Holly continued blandly, “I suppose it’s only fair that I should let you know…”

Artemis squeezed his eyes shut. Bracing himself for rejection.

“I love you too.”

And she pressed her mouth to his.


PLEASE, someone tell me how to post a chapter!!! I’m dying! My brain is bursting! Heeeeelp!

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  1. the huntress (or tress) February 9th, 2012 at 1:15 am 1

    AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! I love the way you describe it! you can actually hear him- like, HEAR his change in voice when the alter changes in his argument. ( I’m always bad at dialogue…) I found no con crit.
    AND THANKS FOR DEDICATING IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was actually having a crummy day, and this made me smile! 5 stars!!!! XD

  2. 🙂 You’re SO welcome. I wanted to do something like this and I couldn’t do ANYTHING about it cause I didn’t have a good enough idea for a plot, and then I read your and was like, LIGHTBULB! And this popped into my head, fully formed. So thanks a million!!!

  3. paranoidcentaurfoaly February 12th, 2012 at 10:36 am 3


    for some stupid reason the chapter button does not seem to be working…

    just write chapter two in bold or something like that.

  4. omg!! when is part two!!!!!!

  5. Absent_Minded_Professor February 19th, 2012 at 2:09 am 5

    So sweet! I love it! 5/5.

    A lot of people seem to be having trouble with new chapters, so this is going to be my official explanation.

    How to Make a New Chapter
    The chapter button doesn’t work for some reason, I certainly don’t know why, ask the guy(s) who manage(s) the site. The new setup is really weird and makes exactly 0 sense (to me anyway) but this is how it works:
    1. Type chapter A.
    2. Up in the corner near the toolbar there will be two tabs: Visual and HTML. (It will be on Visual.) Click on HTML.
    3. Have the cursor on the last line of Chapter A and hit “enter” (on the keyboard, that is).
    4. Type in this: a greater than sign, an exclamation point, two dashes, the phrase “nextpage”, two more dashes and a less than sign. (I can’t type it out for ya because when I do, it disappears on me.)
    5. Hit enter again and switch it back to Visual.
    6. Type chapter B.
    7. You know what to do from there.
    The “Help and How-Tos” link on the right column of the page you’re on right now will direct you to the official instructions, and it has a visual if you want to use that. Hope this helps!

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