Two Birds of a feather: Getting Back Holly… Update

Summary:     As the moon shone against the waves of grass, moving in sync with eacother, a perfect harmony, almost too […]

Chapters: 1 2 3

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    As the moon shone against the waves of grass, moving in sync with eacother, a perfect harmony, almost too beautfiul to take the time to notice.It was so beautiful, in fact, that it was horrifying. In reality, from the inside, it looked like heaven in the witching hours, when in reality, the outsides of the Dublin country side at night were cold and cool spit the almost warm sunlight. And like all things, It always has to begin in Dublin. That strange land seemed almost… well, magical. And if you played your cards right, the people of Dublin had more than just a few magic tricks up their sleeves.

    As Andre padded closely to the soft yet cold ground, the whisp of air running through him was almost a push to survive. He looked into his reflection as he sulked by a nearby puddle, suddenly thinking, “What have I become?”. Long hair, pointy ears, full muscle. It almost sounds like a fantasy boy for the un-knowing women, but in reality, a darker side always lurked. You may think, that with so many girls after bad boys, this wouldn’t matter, but it did in every single way. He got goosebumps as he thought about this… everything. And then, he checked his wrist watch, 12:00.

    The ear-splitting scream even barely echoed through out the abandoned countryside, and suddenly, he knelt to the ground, clutching onto his abdomen, trying to hold himself together. Nails grew, Fangs stretched, Fur grew quickly over Andres body. And then, a howl, a ear-peircing howl, broke the silence, the barrier between man and wolf. A new species was brought onto the Irish country side, a land so vast and brand new to him. It was nothing like California, where he could paw through the red woods all night and work on construstion sights all day in Los Angeles. Where everybody was accepted, where no one said, “Why do you have pointy ears?” or “Whats with all the tribal tattoos?” or “Why can’t you ever go out”. He concidered his choices. He could go back, or move forward. But as her hazel eyes almost burned a hole in his mind, he took the more obvious decision.

   He almost felt free. He almost felt like he was away from all the opression, when suddenly, he heard the scream only Trouble Kelp could manage. “Andre! Your fucking with the wrong man you jackass” and then he ran. He forgot all this beauty, this moonlight, the waves of green. As he clawed his way up a tree, and perched himself perfectly in hiding on the tree branch, watching Trouble and his fellow men search frantically. He clenched against the bark, as they frantically searched. Usually, Trouble wouldn’t give up, But Andre was one he could not get right away, EVER. Trouble sighed, calling the troop back

“Okay boys, search is over for tonight”

“Darvit” a few mumbled, sulking away when Andre was almost right in front of them.

and as the wind blew again, almost whisking them off, he realized that at his tremendous size, he could of crushed them all within a matter of seconds. But in that wind, he heard something else. Her name, whispering in his ear like a deadly secret: Holly


    12:00 midnight, 24:00 military time. Twenty four hours, for a year, every year, except a leap year, which added one extra day. These all ran through Artemis’ head, as things always do, and he could not tempt himself but relaxing with a little bit of easy long algebra to entertain himself while he listened to Bach on him i-pod. As the notes fluttered through his ears, and melodys played through his mind, he did not notice Myles walking non-chalantly in.


He continued to work on his equation, not noticing Myles…

“Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty? Arty?”

He turned down his volume, noticing his little brother….


“Yes, Myles?” He asked, rather annoyed. Myles looked at him with curiosity, then presenting the glossy picture of Artemis and Holy, on a joy ride in a pod, both donning helmets and laughing (well, atleast Holly) as a present for Artemis’birthday last year.

“Happy Berth day Mud mun… Holly” He pronouced in choppy four year old speak.

“Who’s Holly Arty?” He asked, holding the picture up. His eyes widened, and a pit grew in his stomach. He pulled at his collar, knowing this day would come.

“When a man and a woman love eachoth…” he suddenly stopped, nervously. “I mean, excuse my mumbling Myles, When a…”

“You’ve got a girlfriend!” he taunted, laughing joyously at his find. He rather dramatically stated, in the attitude of his brother, “Oh Holly, Algebra compares nothing to you! Oh Holly, kiss me!”

“Please, stop that” He fumed, grabbing the picture out of his brothers hand “There are some things you’ll have to wait and learn until your older”

“I don’t feel like waiting” He demanded, sitting down on his bed.

   Artemis crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, when he suddenly realised: “Wait a second! It’s midnight! aren’t you supposed to be asleep?”

“Oh yeah, that” He yawned, yanking at a loose end of his feety pajamas. “I got scared because I heard a wolf and I was afraid that guy from twilight would kiss me” He whined, bounching in his place “And then I figured I’d ask you about this picturebecause I know it would distract you from realising I’m way up past my bed time”

“Ludicris…” Artemis began, sitting down next to his younger brother in a conforting matter. “All the wolfs in this area have been removed and are still controlled so they won’t attack Irelands livestock. You must have been dreaming…”

“No I wasn’t!” He demanded, pounding his fist against the beds quilt “I swear!”

Artemis sighed, picking up his brother and carrying him slung over his back, still in a fresh pressed suit and tie.

“Back to bed Myles… I don’t want father to find out you’ve stayed up late” And as he yawned, Artemis implied, “Want me to read a few chapters of Dante’s Peak? that was my favorite story when I was your age”

“How about good night moon?” He asked in a bubbly matter, warmly clenching onto his brother.

“No Dante?”

“Dantes scary” he whined “Beckett dosn’t like it either. He still can’t even read actually. What a simpletoon”

Artemis grinned, adoring his brother in a manner that might seem strange to some. He could still be evil- and love his brothers. As he tucked Myles back into his bed and kissed him goodnight, his wrist watch went off, obviously Foaly.

“Good night Arty” He whispered, a smale on his face. “Good night” he replied in a hushed tone, and right as he closed the door, he heard three words escape his brother: “I love you”, that caused him to tear up.

    Foaly video called Artemis, his same genius look on his face, when he noticed a few tears swelling up in his eyes. “Were you crying mudboy?” he demanded laughing. “No!” Artemis replied very seriously, wiping away his tears. “I was making onion soup” Foaly laughed “Onion soup? you can’t even make a sandwhich”. Artemis sneered, then returning to a serious tone in his voice. “Why are you calling me now Foaly?”

“A very dangerous criminal from Atlantis hasn’t done his parole yet, and were very worried he may of done something drastic…. He’s on LEP’s most wanted… he actually took over your spot” He chuckled, crossing his arms.

“I find it very umprofessional that you find this funny Foaly”

“I know…” He began “Anywho, back to buisness. Artemis, surely there are girls you like at your school, correct?”

“Excuse me?” He responded, almost appauled.

“Do you fancy a girl?”


“Wow, your quick to respond” He replied, curiously “Anyways, knowing you Artemis, you may wonder why I’m asking you this… well, I’ll tell you why. This Criminal isn’t just breaking parole… he’s had reports of domestic violence on his case. And knowing him, he could be hurting anybody he romances right now… he hasn’t been within contact with us for twenty days, and we need him back, ASAP”

“I think you can figure that out on your own…” Artemis began, smirking “…Unless”

“Oh, I see” Foaly began “You want HER?”

“Oh Foaly, not like.. that” he said, repulsed. “Holly? I do not look up to Holly in a sexual manner”

“Uh-Huh. Well, too bad Artemis, because, I’m putting this up to you and you only. No Holly”

“Why?” He demanded, trying to hide his secret disapointment “You know I can’t do majority of things without her skills”

“Yep, her skills….”

He sighed, looking into Foalys eyes.

“Send me information, and I’ll get onto it tommorow”

“Okay…” Foaly sighed “Just so you know, his name is Andre Hills, and, well, he’s a werewolf”

Artemis got goosebumps.

“A werewolf?….”

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Fowlfan4ever May 12th, 2011 at 2:21 am 1

    Cool!! FCD!!:):)

  2. WOAH!!! Watch the language!!! But that doesn’t matter much…I like!

    -21bub21, village idiot

  3. wow! A werewolf?? awww I like Myles. Good fic 5/s

  4. I like the story, but you need to proofread it, or get a beta. Beta readers, if you don’t know, proofread your stories for you.

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    Update!!! Or face my flying squirrels!!

  6. See, people? THIS is how you update–every couple days, not every couple weeks! I applaude you, Wowthatsgenius, for an awesomely presented and worked out fic! Keep updating! *does little jig*

  7. this is good keep going

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