This is What Happens!

Summary: When Artemis, Trouble, Holly, and Juliet are invited to Talent Show to be judges… in FanGathering. I’ll tell you, something […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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When Artemis, Trouble, Holly, and Juliet are invited to Talent Show to be judges… in FanGathering. I’ll tell you, something is going to go boom, people are going to be cosplaying, and JayJay’s evil plan will be revealed! … I shouldn’t’ve said that -_-”


 Mira pricked her hand with the sewing needle for the two-hundredth-and-twenty-seventh time. She had been keeping count.

“How’re you going?” Silversong asked.

“Good,” Mira said. “Finished in a couple stitches, now.” She quickly finished with the black-glossy thread and tied it all off. “Done!” She cried, holding up a pair of green trimmed black sleeves, which flared out and had a bunch of buttons on it. Silver grinned, and held up a shirt.

“I trust you finished the skirt, socks, and shoes?” Mira nodded. “Good, let’s get ready!”

In another room, Josephine Fowl and Haven_Fan sat, rehersing their lyrics.

“Remember allt eh things we wanted, now all our memories are haunted!” Jo sang, standing up. Haven joined in. “We were always meant to say goodbye….”

Yet another room, another act, more preparing. Something was happening. Alanna Lena Zelen finished preparing an amphitheater. Duck was printing tickets. It was the first FGer Annual Talent Show. Everyone was exited. Execpt one girl. Her name was Jayjay. She was readying her wedding dress, and didn’t care about FG. A day later, everything was ready. backstage, two girls cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, one blue, one purple. They carried two pairs of the same outfit, green and orange. They really didn’t know how Gothic and AA didn’t hear them. They grabbed the mods, and started dragging them back. Someone spotted them, after that.
“Mira! Silver!” Yelled Trouble Kelp, an annoyed look crossing his face. Mira and Silver just looked at each other, and ran for the shadows. Trouble grumbled.
Another hour later.
Mira and Silver stood in their cosplaying outfits, Hatsune Miku. Mira was purple, Silver was blue. Ducky had agreed to come with them, so she was in orange. Alanna had also agreed, (under duress) to come, so she was in green. Jo stood with them, in her golden dress, next to Haven, who was in a silver dress, and Domovoia, who was in a blue dress, with FG diamonds stitched in. There was a cheer, the judges had walked to their seats. Another cheer, P5 was announcing the first person.
“Our first contestants, in our first talent show….” He paused for dramatic effect. “Are Haven, Josephine, and Domovoia, in singing. The crowed cheered, and the game, was on.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. I LOVE it!!! I want to know what my EVIL plan is!! PLEASE update, I can’t contain my excitement!

  2. i like it but where am i?

  3. I like it, I can’t wait to what JayJay’s plan is

  4. @Jayjay, aww, thanks!

    @Legion, in chapter 3, be patient, grasshopper

    @Torry*, it’ll be eeeevil 😛

  5. I loved all of it!

    But i really want to know JayJays plan

  6. I NEED to know how my evil plan will work. I think I’ve worked out what it is, but HOW will I do it?

  7. who can I be in it I want to juggle mary sues

  8. ADD ME!! I can do insanity!!

  9. Hmmm… Awesome! I’m interested in the plot/ plan. Is Alanna up to something?…
    I wonder if I could help, somehow. I can’t really sing alone, but can be very dramatic, can make myself cry, and can memorize songs quickly. I’m not gonna beg you, but I’d like to be in it.

    Update, please?

  10. You make me smile, Orion.(Hey, that’s a song title right there.) Add me-I would sing, “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” And I would wear all black and silver.

    …She sang the gummy bear song? LOVE IT!

    Update soon!

    *tenth comment dance LOL*

  11. LEPreconGirl April 16th, 2011 at 3:16 am 11

    I would sing Bohemian Rhapsody, most likely. I practically have it memorized. Or ‘Since You Been Gone’ Sorry, just had to throw that out there. 😛
    Is insanity a talent? Just wondering

  12. Opal's Clone April 19th, 2011 at 2:15 am 12

    I can do imitations! Wanna see Opal? *mutters something about peacocks* Oh, never mind. But PLEASE put me in!! *employs peacocks* I’ve got these peacocked and loaded if you don’t. Oh, I can also do bad jokes!

  13. UPDATE!!!!! Put my evil plan into action

  14. JayJay, you will haveta wait until the sequel!
    And the rest of you, of course! I wanted someone to sing Behind These Hazel Eyes XD

  15. Can I be in it? I can sing Behind These Hazel Eyes If you want:) or not 🙂

    This was so good! keep Updating!!!

    By the way,where on earth did Jayjay get a bio bomb?


    I WANT TO BE IN IT!!!!

    that was soo good that I’m gonna give you something I can’t give you a lollipop or ice cream.

    I KNOW!! (leaves room.) . (few minutes later Comes back with a big blue box) Here you go!!!

  17. LEPreconGirl May 2nd, 2011 at 1:01 am 17

    Wait, not ‘since you been gone’! I’d sing ‘Because of you’!
    *walks away muttering about stupid voices*

  18. *is questioning where she is at after round one*

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