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The Signal

Summary: Arty 1 = Master Arty 2= 1/2 time lord Everyone is crushed by Galifrey In Ireland

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Can you hear them?

The pounding on and on

Never ending.



Never softening.


How does he stand it?

And why?

Why does my father take it?

Stand it…

Stand the sound of drums.

They’re coming, he says.

I can’t let him do this.

Artemis Fowl 1 will not be responsible,

Responsible for the end of the world.

No no n0…




Whaterver your name is,


A shot straght

And true

Fired from a gun

Still smoking

Making me cough

Making my hands shake,

I frightn myself

I scream

I shot him

The signal is gone

Galifrey is lost

So is my father

and Holly





Everyone who mattered




I see red

I fade

Hell breaks loose.

Nothing is right anymore.

I want to die.

I am taken away

In a white coat.


I am leaving Everyone.


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  1. Artemis_Fowl_the_Second September 1st, 2011 at 6:42 pm 1

    heheeheh Doctor Who! yay! hehehehehehhehehehehe sorry, i’m just a bit obsessed with Doctor Who.
    it’s really good, teh sound of drums really creeps me out, who would do that to a child? well obviously a time lord… but yeah…
    that’s kinda sad, when he’s taken away in the white coat, is he dead? becuase timeloards are burned in white cloth after they die…
    i’m just wondering.

  2. Nice. I’m not sure what the point is, but it sounded good, so it’s good I guess. There were a few mistakes that were probably typos, so you’ll probably catch them if you just read it through. 5/s!

  3. Hell ‘braks’ loose. Shouldn’t it be ‘breaks’?

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