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The LEP Academy

Summary: Welcome to Fowlie and Mira’s now story! This is the story of my, Fowlie, Dommie, and Silvie’s RP charries. NOTE: […]

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Welcome to Fowlie and Mira’s now story! This is the story of my, Fowlie, Dommie, and Silvie’s RP charries. NOTE: this story is rated teen, for slight language, being mean to Trouble-ness, censored swearing, and adult themes. PEOPLE UNDER TWELVE BEWARE.


Chapter One: Better Then Jello?

Two girls, both impeccably dressed in clothes that were sure to be a violation of the school dress code strode down two entirely different halls at the LEP Academy. Both of our subjects were as different as could be. One was wearing black combat boots, black skinny jeans, combat boots and a purple shirt that said ‘Bite Me’. She walked with purpose, an air of importance and arrogance.

The other was wearing a purple tank top, which she hated, because it had way to much cleavage. Her shorts were cut down and her violet hi-top converse were new and shiny. She walked like she owned the place, which she didn’t.

Hi! I’m Sarina, this is my story, and Mae’s.

She’s writing with me. This is our journal, a totally true account of our experiences at the LEP Academy.

Your brother’s a good kisser, Mae. 😀

Shut up Sar. That’s so disgusting….

You said totally true….

Ah. All right. Arty’s neck smells like caviar and he’s definitely a good kisser.

I love you too, Mae ~ Arty. XD We are so cheesy.’

Agreed. Now, Miss Song, on with the story, if you please.

OK, this is how it really started….

Two elves walked down two corridors in the LEP Academy. One was named Sarina Song, she was filthy rich, the other was named Maedria Black. She was filthy rich too. They had nearly nothing in common. Except for, y’know, everything. Sarina Song was fuming, her mother had forced her to wear a shirt that was insanely cleavage-y. I HATED the purple devil of a tank-top.

Maedria was fuming because her parents were in town. Talk about headaches.

Mind you, these girls hadn’t really grown up that much yet.

I don’t think we ever will.

Sarina glanced at the plaque showing who was in her dorm, all the dorms at the academy had 6 people in them, Sarina could see the names Chix, Holly, and Cloud among them. She went inside, and saw nobody. She hadn’t taken a good look at the plaque, if she had, well…. She wouldn’t have opened that door.

Chix Verbil peeked out of his room, and saw Sarina. She silently cursed her mother again, and said, “I’m up here.” Chix blushed, and grinned at her.

“Little freak,” she muttered under her breath.

Sarina went in her room, the third largest and third smallest, and sat in the bed. She quickly changed into a purple t-shirt, and looked outside again. Oh… of everything that could happen to me, I have to share a dorm with TROUBLE KELP!? Sarina moaned. Trouble Kelp and her hated each others guts, I thought that then.
The blond demon stood right outside my door. I silently cursed him. Why must you do this to me, fate?

So I was looking for Sar’s room and I saw Trouble outside. Seriously, he was such a effin’ womanizer. I walked up to him, my nose in the air. “Hey, Trubbie,” I said sweetly, “mind moving your big @$$ ego aside? I need to talk to Sar”

Trouble nearly gaped. He really did.”Sarina?” He asked, stupidly. I wasn’t surprised, me being Sarina, you know, really hot, smart, awesome…. the works.

(Somebody’s got a huge ego!)


“Yes, me,” Sarina said coolly, slipped out of the dorm. Beautifully, as usual.

Maedria snorted. “Who else? The other Sarina you betrayed?“

Trouble rolled his eyes, and started towards the door. “Well, I’ll see you two later. 7:00 at the cafe?”

I rolled my pretty blue eyes, he was forever flirting. “Maybe now, with your head in the trashcan, sound good, right, Mae?” Sarina asked, grinning.

“I could use some entertainment and coffee.” Mae smirked. Trouble paled visibly, and nearly ran away.

“What? Little Trubbie-Wubbie a scaredy pie?” Mae taunted. “Hon, if you’re that scared, you should go back to pre school.”

Trouble just shook his head and walked away.
Sarina laughed. “What a wimp. So, I hear we’re sitting together in Mr Song’s class.” She grinned evilly.

“Jello?” Mae asked, grinning back.

Sarina shook her head, still grinning, “I have something even better….”

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  1. XD Mir that’s awesome! Meh my computer is killing me right now… Can’t wait for an update! *waits patiently*

  2. FowlsGirl123 July 5th, 2011 at 4:19 am 2

    This is frieking awesome!A couple mistakes, but not too bad. update!

  3. *sniffles* *dies* I wrote it too…. *sniffles* Dommeh, you’re so mean! *sniff sniff*

    *mumbles* Ungrateful little bottomless pits of fanfic eating robots who cannot appreciate quality when they see it….*grumbles*

    Anyway, I apologize for the errors, Mira and I forgot to edit the story, I mean….we were so excited to work on the second chapter. XD

  4. Sorry Fowlie! *huggles* I forgot you helped! I’m a bad sister…*hits self in head*

  5. Nice job guys! But one thing- girls and boys do NOT share dorms. Basic rule.
    Why does everyone make Trouble out to be such a player? Did we ever see that in the books? I didn’t, so if you did, please enlighten me!

    I rolled my pretty blue eyes, hr was forever flirting. That sentence was a tad awkward. Try something like
    ‘I rolled my pretty blue eyes, irritated. He was forever flirting, something that got tiring quickly’
    See? That’s a little smoother. I know it wasn’t the best example, bit hey, I hoe you get an idea of what I’m saying.

    Ugh, I sound mean to myself right now. Great job, in looking forward to an update!

    Over and out

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