The Cross Species Battle: Union of rivals part three

Summary: again on the kindle! sorry guys. so sorry. ——— Silver was bored. Typical being bored at a time like this […]

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again on the kindle! sorry guys. so sorry.
Silver was bored.
Typical being bored at a time like this but it was true. She had no one to talk to and nothing to think of, including an escape route. She was bored of that.
“Hey!”she called at the mud man guarding her cell.”Mind keeping me entertained? It sucks in here!”
He shot her a bemused look. “Forget it, fairy.”
Silver huffed.”Loser,”she muttered loudly.
“Look, this is my job.I don’t help prisoners or joke with them.”
“Interrogating me would be fun,right?”
He scowled.”Damn right fairy.”
“I have a name,mud whelp.”
“Shut up.”
“Is that how you talk to a lady?”
The guard glared at her.”Yeah.I do it on purpose.”
“Jerk.You’re worse than Holly’s ex-boyfriend.”
He growled.”Does it look like I care?”
“He IS Artemis Fowl,ya know.A human.Humans are jerks.” Silver was enjoying annoying this guy.He seemed brainless.
The guard was suddenly silent.”Human?”
“What, surprised?”
He reached for a walkie talkie on his belt.”Um..Commander Zidan?We know who it is.”
Loken was coughing blood.Damn Mud Man.Zidan was by far the worst opponent hhe’d ever faced.And now he found himself tied to a wall with a rusted metal chain,courtesy of fifteen human’s combined effort.
Zidan smirked.”It’s over,fairy.Now,” he held his blade to Loken’s throat.”Tell me about Artemis Fowl.We searched entire months but did not find him or his family.So he’s helping our enemies now.I will deal with that traitor personally.”
“Step aside,Mud man,”came a voice.A female voice which he racgnized.
“I’m not human anymore,” grinned Shaadia,”not if it means serving you.”
Loken almost choked.”ARE YOU INSANE,WOMAN?!!”In result,blood splattered on the front of his chest.
The kid was standing beside a tall figure, who dramatically stepped forward…ahem,stumbled forward, and revealed his face…no,fell flat on his face.
“D’Arvit,Shaadia!”yelled Artemis.”This outfit is ridiculous as well as incredibly heavy!”
Shaadia groaned.”Fine,go save Holly.I’ll help Loken.”
Zidan frowned at them,and was suddenly gripping his fingers around her throat.”Traitor,”he muttered.”Traitor!”
Surprisingly,Shaadia smiled.”I like my fries cold,”she said. And all three of his rivals dissappeared.

author’s note: ooh what’s this? another of arty’s awesome plans!! guess!! 🙂

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  1. Totally awesome! I’m so happy that this came out! I can’t wait for the update! Will Artemis have Zidan try to search for him like he did with Minerva in TLC? But for some reason, I’m getting a feeling that this is not going to go according to plan at all. Emphase on all. I think that Loken thinks that you injected yourself with fairy blood or something similar so he thinks you are crazy for doing so. Though I’m probably very far off since I normally think that someone does something completely crazy like that(even if that person is crazy :P). Please update soon, I’m begging you and I NEVER beg.

  2. weeelll you might be right there. things won’t go according to plan. please read the comment i left in the part before this: it helps understand the story much better.
    spoilers: Man eating beast!!! guess what it is? 😉

  3. I knew I was totally wrong. Maybe a dragon for the man eating beast? Or a jumbo butterfly? I completely stink at guessing stuff. So yeah, I’m going with the dragon not the butterfly.

  4. Nice, and yes, it’s really hard to update from devices. The first five or so chapters of Deadly Melody were updated from my phone, and MAN was it a pain!

    But I’m glad people are finally updating again! I wanted to update MM again before I moved (November 1st, officially), but I don’t think I can, unless it’s bizzarly short, because I’m crunched for time.

    But it’s nice to see SOMEONE is updating!

  5. Haha, thanks. Don’t worry, the next part is coming soon!

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