The Cross Species Battle: UNION OF RIVALS part II

Summary: author’s note gimme brownies for this cause im writing on my kindle paperwhite! —– Zidan scowled, a look of pure […]

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author’s note gimme brownies for this cause im writing on my kindle paperwhite!
Zidan scowled, a look of pure hatred pasted across his face. “Tell me,” he sneered. “Who is this unknown saviour?”
Loken smirked.”Not saviour,no.He won’t be the one to kill you. But he’ll make it possible alright.”
Despite the situation, Holly found herself laughing.Laughing only because of the fact that he was coming.For her.Artemis Fowl,she decided,deserved a lot more than a thankyou at the end of this adventure. No, she was going to show him. Show him how much he meant to her as he clearly did not realize yet.
Beside her, neither Silver nor Piper knew this.But if Captain Short remained confident at times like this,maybe help was on the way.
“NO NEVER NO NOT HIM PLEASE NOT HIM!!” the girl was almost in tears.
“Oh yes,” Foaly snorted, changing the display on the screen from two sweaty musclemen in a headlock to a purple fat dinosaur clapping hands.
‘barney is a dinosaur who has imagination–‘the speakers were set to maximum. Shaadia was screaming.
Artemis scowled at them both. “Shaadia, keep quiet.And Foaly;just let her watch what she wants.”
Foaly snorted.”It’s annoying!Are you just helping her have her way cause she gave you some handy girlfriend advice?”
Thehuman boy almost blushed.”Shut up.” He wordlessly switched channels.Shaadia stopped hollering about barney and started drooling at some wrestler with a wolverine style beard.
Minerva sighed.”Holly,seriously.You have no clue what Zidan does to women!Why the hell didn’t you try fighting his guards?”
The elf ignored her. Zidan had ordered Minerva to accompany Holly’s team to the basement he kept prisoners.She now found herself seperated from Silver and Piper.
“Help me.”
The mud girl looked at her for a moment before her quiet reply.”I can’t. Do you think i am willingly helping that freak?My family,Holly.He has my family and I will not see them again unless he wins.He uses the trick one everyone serving under him.”
Holly felt a tinge of anger within.So that was his drill.That was why everyone here served him so faithfully.
Punishment alone would not be enough.Loken was right: Zidan Collision deserved death and only death.

i swear sil and piper will have more iinvolvement in the next part.

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  1. You made my day since I just finished the House of Hades and i was really frusterated since it had another horrible ending. This is awesome. I feel so bad for you in the story, were you watching Barney? Ugh. You better update soon, or I’ll do something that I just haven’t thought of yet. I can’t wait!

  2. bad news, my mom is not giving me her laptop. so guess I’ll have to keep using my kindle…

  3. Toutch screen is torture. Hopefully you will get it back soon.

  4. Good work! Update soon! 🙂

  5. always a pleasure! 😉

  6. okay i was reading my previous episode and realized all the mistakes i made.
    one: holly and minerva are in zidan’s room and it has already been said before why she’s working under zidan. so forget the scene in this part. also, holly is in his room because, you would’ve guessed when she said,”dream off pervert.”
    two:sil and piper are locked inside the cells. that remains the same.
    three:the man eating beast thing will be revealed much later and
    four: please stick with me,guys. you don’t wanna miss the final episode which is coming closer. the epilogue is cute and sweet, with only a bit of violence with shaadia and going to school, loken trying to get a job, foaly and artemis arguing as usual and silver and piper being promoted in the LEP. oops! spoilers….
    please revie guys. i love you all.

  7. Cool, I just hope Silver gets to flaunt her flying at some point. But I’m going to go read the next part now.

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