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The 12 days of Xmas

Summary: These are a variation of The 12 days of Christmas. To the tune of the original song. Enjoy! 😉 By […]

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These are a variation of The 12 days of Christmas. To the tune of the original song. Enjoy! 😉

By Beckett and Myles Fowl, about Artemis
On the twelfth day of Xmas, my brother gave to me,
Twelve times giving up,
Eleven Butler threats,
Ten raised eyebrows,
Nine tellings off,
Eight failed experiments,
Seven “fake scenarios”,
Six boring speeches,
Five laser pointers,
Four slide shows,
Three French lessons,
Two huge scowls,
And a lecture on geometry.

By Holly, about Root
On the twelfth day of Xmas, my boss gave to me,
Twelve aboveground missions,
Eleven tons of paperwork,
Ten public scoldings,
Nine raised eyebrows,
Eight accusations,
Seven loud swears,
Six possible promotions,
Five “Congratulations”,
Four suspect lists,
Three traffic jobs,
Two faint smiles,
And a look of disappointment.

By Artemis, about Holly
On the twelfth day of Xmas, my accomplice gave to me,
Twelve elbow punches,
Eleven People lectures,
Ten nasty adventures,
Nine colorful lollypops (:P)
Eight spammy messages,
Seven Neutrino blasts,
Six times a-swearing,
Five faint smiles,
Four shuttle rides,
Three hard punches,
Two high fives,
And a knowing glance in my direction.

By Opal to AF and Co.
On the twelfth day of Xmas, my enemies gave to me,
Twelve fake truffles,
Eleven exploding things,
Ten evil insults,
Nine big bad bombes,
Eight narrowed eyes,
Seven complexions destroyed,
Six unwilling assistants,
Five triumphant smiles,
Four foiled plots,
Three embarrassments,
Two freaking makeovers,
And a taste for tireless revenge.

By Artemis, about Foaly
On the twelfth day of Xmas, that centaur gave to me,
Twelve computer hacks,
Eleven fairy communicators,
Ten back doors,
Nine fairy glasses,
Eight broken firewalls,
Seven broken discs,
Six spammy messages,
Five golden icons,
Four advertisements,
Three more icons,
Two extra boosts,
And a video of a singing cat.

By Opal, about herself
On the twelfth day of Xmas, I came and gave to me,
Twelve happy thoughts,
Eleven compliments,
Ten truffle breaks,
Nine fantasies,
Eight loyal minions,
Seven…not so much,
Six relaxation hours,
Five golden coins,
Four devilish plots,
Three deadly bombs,
Two great books,
And a self-indused coma.

By Foaly, about Artemis
On the twelfth day of Xmas, my ?????? gave to me, (Falcon, this is yours, please tell what it should be!)
Twelve ruined blueprints,
Eleven evil plots,
Ten Opal traps,
Nine nano-computers,
Eight overestimations,
Seven underestimations,
Six mean insults,
Five mocking laughs,
Four stressful recalculations,
Three knowing sneers,
Two one-sided deals,
And a wrongly proved theory that I made.

Merry Christmas! 😀 🙂 :mrgreen:

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14 responses to “The 12 days of Xmas.” Join in!

  1. I like this a lot! So funny. “Eleven Butler threats…” Hahaha!
    Are you sure this is only a one shot? Perhaps the other AF characters want to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas? *nudge nudge*

    Naw, not to be annoying, it’s just that this is really good!

  2. HahahahhHHHH heh. Yeah. No concrit for you, Elfie. ‘Tis great. Yeah, it’d be nice if it was continued, but no pressure.

  3. This made my laugh. You should do more xmas songfics!

  4. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN November 27th, 2010 at 9:56 pm 4

    😀 Great job, Elfgoddess! This is funny and well-written and five-star-worthy. 😀

    -Miss Mureeh, out!i

  5. This. Is. Hilarious. 😀

  6. That was awesome. But ‘big huge scowls’ could just be ‘huge scowls’, cause that goes better with the tune.
    And I agree with ENHA-I’m sure the rest of the Fowls (and Shorts, and Butlers) want to celebrate Xmas as well. 🙂

  7. OK, I made one for Holly. I can’t think of any more! Please help! To help:
    By______, about________
    Twelve______etc. Stop at 9. 😉 I can figure it out from there.

  8. The last one was hilarious! Although, you didn’t have to erase all the work you did for the first one. You could’ve just put the second version in another chapter. 🙂 Very, very good work. :F

  9. artemis
    12-elbow punches 11-People lectures 10-nasty adventures 9-colorful lollipops
    you said to stop at nine right…and your the one to ask for help…so i helped
    gg loves to help…it gives me a laugh to help…hope this gives you some more ideas

    oh and ur opening thing should say…
    on the twelth day of christmas, my secert crush…
    or if u arnet a a/n shiper start it out as…
    on the twelth day of christmas, my fav friend gave to me

    another 1
    by artemis
    about foaly
    12-computer hacks 11-fairy communicators 10-back doors 9-fairy glasses oh oh oh and on # 1-an e-mail about holly

    and you can start this one out as…
    on the tevth day of christmas, the crazy centar gave to me…
    or whateva pleases you….
    again your the one who asked for the help…
    so if you dont like em dont use em…

    gg out!

    Please don’t double-post 😉

  10. Awesome. I really liked that. Worked well. Let’s see…

    Foaly, about Artemis

    12 ruined blueprints
    11 evil plots
    10 opal traps
    9 nano-computers
    … And so on. Feel free to mix up the order of things to give.
    May I add one of these songs to my AF Christmas carols, which I will post in December? I will give you full credit.

  11. Making another chap. for Holly’s one would make it easier to read. And next time please post an announcement for updates, cause I had no idea there was more.

  12. @Ann: I thought about it, and I realized that I was basically saying the same thing over and over.
    @GG: I did both. 🙂 I am not an A/H shipper. I don’t really know who I want Artemis to end up with. I think he’ll just find that special someone…
    @Falcon: Sure. My stories are made for the world, and the world can do whatever it wants with ’em. Except kill ’em. Oh yeah, I used your idea.
    @Hermione: Hmm…I don’t want my chapters to be too short…anyway, I have just made an update. 😀
    PS: For the Artemis to Holly one, when I said accomplice, I think that means “helper” not sure…it was a big word, and Artemis used it at some point, so I used it. 🙂

  13. Dis is COMPLETE! Hoo ray! Flacon just needs to tell me that tiny, meaningless part and the world will be a better place! 😀

  14. *sees comment number twelve and spits out frappuchino* PFFTTTTTTT!!!! “SPECIAL SOMEONE”! AS IF!

    XD Some of the rhyme/rhythem song things didn’t fit that well, but it’s always hard to be perfect. Or impossible, take your pick. It’s grown a lot since I first saw it. AWESOME! Concrit-less, thank you, thank you very much.

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