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Summary: Hi guys, I got the idea for this story from a FanArt pic. Go check it out! /Gallery/displayimage-10-498.html#top_display_media   Holly-dead? […]

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Hi guys, I got the idea for this story from a FanArt pic. Go check it out!



Holly-dead? The idea refused to register in Artemis’s mind. It was impossible.

He was still thinking of the smart, spunky, sarcastic elf who’d cheated death on numerous occasions. He could still see her smiling face, a ghostly image over the body, almost fitting, but not quite. Disjointed images flashed through his mind. Holly fighting a troll, Holly in the Arctic hanging on to the train, her face determined, Holly outracing a bio-bomb(this was hazy), Holly re-appearing from the crack in the ice in the pod when he’d been delusional  from Atlantis Complex… This… This just couldn’t be reality. But she was in front of him, finally broken. Her face was empty, but the ghost of her last yell lingered still. She was dead, and there was nothing he could do. You can’t recover from a solid bullet of dark magic to the chest.

 Artemis Fowl the second was truly helpless, and he hated it. The room around him froze, LEP and enemies both. He dropped to his knees, barely registering he was screaming, a high, keening wail , the type somebody only makes when their heart is truly shattered, the type most people never make. He vaguely felt Butler lift him, screaming and flailing, reaching for her still, as if he was a child having a temper tantrum. His world was slow and distant, as if he was under five feet of clear water trying to fit into a group on land. There were tears streaming down his face, but he didn’t care. Holly was dead, and he had snapped. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t break Butler’s grasp. That was probably good, as he’d just rush to her side and get himself killed.

He didn’t even notice when an elf put magic-cancelling plasti-cuffs around Opal’s wrists, bringing her to the ground. He didn’t notice Opal screeching curses, thrashing. He barely noticed when she smacked him in the face, leaving a red mark, earning a growl from Butler. He brought his hand up, touching his stinging face. Artemis Fowl the second had snapped, and he wasn’t himself. So it was a total surprise to all present, even himself, when he launched himself at her, tackling the pixie. Startled by the attack, she crumpled, cracking her head on the ground. He was punching wildly, cursing at her badly enough that even Butler was impressed. When Artemis was pulled off Opal, he hung limp, purpose gone. She was sitting up, dazed, and cowering, looking, was it, afraid? He ignored it all, brain useless.  Dead, she was dead…

Artemis was finally taken away, tears dripping down his cheeks, becoming unresponsive, ignoring everyone, everything. Wishing he could join her, knowing she would never forgive him if he did by his own hand. He existed, simply existed.

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  1. That was, AMAZING! I loved how you captured the moment so well, you accomplished something I strive for all the time. 5/S

  2. H-holly.. Died!!!! *cries in corner*

  3. in love with Arty 6302 August 1st, 2011 at 12:17 am 3

    OH MY GOD that was ******* amazing man! i cant get over how awsome that was. You detailed everything perfectly and, like FM was saying, “you captured the moment so well, and you accomplished something I strive for.”

    It was short, but super kool, I’d give you ten stars if it would let me!

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