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Summary: Welcome to M.Fowl Lavanya and Mira’s new story! Sisters, Mira Kelp and Lavanya Root are aliases of ours. And this […]

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Welcome to M.Fowl Lavanya and Mira’s new story! Sisters, Mira Kelp and Lavanya Root are aliases of ours. And this is our story about them….

When two best friends, and the younger sisters of two of the more important officers in the LEP finally get to the Academy, things are not as shiny as they seem. For one, a visit from Mira’s older brother brings news of Lavanya’s older brother, her world seems to fall apart. And when Mira’s older brother disappears, she knows something is up. Will this be the first time the girls split apart, or will they stick together threw everything, even through the betrayal of an insane pixie?
Set in a different version of the Opal Deception



“Don’t wanna be an American Idiot!” Lavanya sang happily, her best friend Mira laughed. The pair were sitting in their dorm in the LEP Academy. “Don’t want a nation under the media!” she kept singing. Mira grinned and blew on her newly bright purple nails, while shaking the silver crackling bottle which was on her bed-stand.

She said, “You are such a nut, Lavanya!” Lavanya bowed, causing Mira to double over laughing. “Welcome to the Academy, dear,” Mira grinned, grabbing some tissues.

“Seriously Mira? Now your the nut!” Lavan said grinning. Mira shrugged, and set a few tissues on the bed while spinning the lid off the cracking silver nail polish bottle. Lavanya stuck her tongue out at Mira jokingly. Mira did the same, and brushed the nail-polish on.

After that night nothing would be the same for the girls. They had been friends since Elementary,and their dreams tied them together. Recon and Retrieval. Both of them wanted more then anything to be in the boy’s classes. So they had stuck together through the years, all the way to The Academy.

But that night, Mira’s older brother would visit, and he might tear Lavanya’s world apart…. So I shall tell you of that moment.


It was ten o’clock that night, Mira was nursing her bruises from the gnome earlier- “Never run into an unsecured building in a firefight!”-and Lavanya was brushing her teeth in the bathroom. And then there was a knock on the door. Confused, Mira got up with a wince and opened the door.

“Trouble!” She cried happily, then she asked, “What are you doing here? It’s late….”

The older elf shivered. “Can I come in? Foaly has the rain on, and I got soaked on the way here.” Mira opened the door for her older brother, and he stepped in gratefully. “Thanks.”

“Not a problem. Lavanya! Troub’s here!” Trouble rolled his eyes at Mira’s use of the nickname, and sat next to her on her bed. Lavanya entered smiling, she had finished brushing her teeth.

Trouble looked up, and Mira realized he had been crying earlier. “Lavanya, you know that a Bwa Kell general escaped?” She nodded, nervously. “Well… your brother went after him with Holly… I’m so sorry.” Mira’s hands flew to her mouth. Root? Dead?

Lavanya was in shock, she sat down on her bed slowly. She couldn’t take it very well. “H-how could this happen?” she asked Trouble, looking at the ground.

Trouble looked down sadly. “We think that Captain Short shot him. I seriously doubt it, but…” Mira stepped up to give her friend a hug. Lavanya shook her head, she didn’t want a hug, she wanted to know what actually happened. She knew Holly would never do such a thing. Mira stepped back then, sitting next to her brother again.

Lavanya finally started crying as the shock passed and grief came and over took the girl.Mira stepped forward again. “Don’t worry dear-” She started, but Lavanya cut her off.

“No it won’t! Julius is gone!” She cried, tears flowing down her face. Mira froze, this wasn’t like Lavvie. But her brother had just died, so Mira brushed it aside. “I need some air,” Lavanya said and stood up tears still coming down her face still.

Trouble looked at Mira sadly. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, and Mira wrapped her arms around her older brother as he tried not to cry.

Chapter One, Recycled
Warning: some suggestive themes and starred curse words.

At Julius Root’s recycling ceremony, everyone was quiet. Two girls especially. Through the whole four hours they didn’t utter a word. Except for when one of the two murmured her speech, and then had cried as her older brother disappeared.

Lavanya could barely take it, she had returned to her dorm and collapsed onto her bed.

Mira followed her silently. She disappeared into the shower for an hour. When she got out, Lavanya was gone. “Lavvie?” Mira called, looking around. She wasn’t there. When Mira was dressed, she went outside. |Lavanya was crying in the hall. “Lavvie, what’s wrong?” She asked, sitting next to her.

Lavanya got up. “I don’t wanna talk to you!” Mira froze.

“What?” She choked. Lavanya whirled.

She cried, “You heard me! This is your fault! Yours!” She spat out the last word like poison. Mira just stood there.

“Why! Why is it my fault? If it’s anyone’s, it’s Root’s!” She screeched, both of them grieving so much, they couldn’t think right.

“Shut up! Just shut up, you’re such an idiot!” Lananya yelled before storming off. Mira stood there in shock. Eventually she went inside and called Trouble.

The phone was an old one, it cackled slightly as her brother picked up. “Heya Mir, what’s going on?” He asked. He sounded casual, but Mira knew he was being strong for her. It had been the same when their father had died.

Mira didn’t know she was crying until her voice cracked. The last time her and her close circle of friends had fought was when a girl named Alin had gone and fallen in love with Mira’s worst enemy. That was in freshman year. They still weren’t talking. “H-hey Trouble,” Mira sniffled.

Trouble was on his couch, and Mira would never know Holly had been beside him at the time. “What’s up?” He asked, surprised. Mira never cried, only when Alin had betrayed her.

Mira sniffled still, “L-Lannie! Lavanya is g-gone!” Then Trouble got up, he motioned for Holly to find her shirt, and grabbed his own while saying:

“What happened? Has she been kidnapped, or something….?” That sounded stupid, even to Trouble. Then Mira heard something.

She grinned evilly. “Who is it?” She asked, nearly laughing her head off.

“Uh… um… Holly’s staying here?” He said, pathetically. Mira snorted. “It’s true!”

She nearly forgot Lavanya while she said, “Yes, she’s on the run from you guys, and she just happens to be staying over. Yes, I totally believe that!” But then she remembered. “Well put your pants on and come over here.” Trouble blushed.

“I am wearing my pants, I’ll have you know!” He muttered while putting on his jacket. Mira snorted again, and Trouble rolled his eyes.

Ten minutes later, Trouble was walking in the rain. Thank you, Foaly, he thought dryly while water seeped through his jacket. No irony intended. I really don’t need to say that he was relieved when he entered the Academy, but I just did.

But there is something you need to know. Lavanya was running, not from Mira, not from her brother’s death, she was running for her life. Two pixies ran after her, twins, she thought, slightly un-neededly. But the chase stopped when she hit a dead end. She gazed up at the buildings and cursed herself, there had been a sign outside the road, but had she looked? Nope!

“Here, little Root,” grinned one of them, Lavanya’s hand automatically drifted to her hip, where she carried her small tazor. A gift from Foaly, like Mira’s. But she was in her pyjamas, she didn’t think she’d need it.

She hissed, “Get away from me, my best friend’s brother is Trouble Kelp, they’ll find me.” She said this with bravado and certainty she didn’t have. If they killed her here, it was the end of the Roots, forever.

The twins looked at each other, then one whipped a bag over Lavanya’s head while the other jabbed her with a Shokker, with a yell, she fell to the ground.

In her dorm, Mira was explaining everything to Trouble, and trying not to cry. “And now she’s gone,” Mira finished. Trouble sat there for a bit, then said.

“She blamed you?” Mira rolled her eyes, sometimes her brother could have a real thick head. “Nevermind….”

Mira sighed. “Trouble, the point is, she’s out there, alone. And did I say anything about the pixies stalking us home from the recycling ceremony? Pixies.”

Trouble’s turn to roll his eyes. “You think she was kidnapped? That sounds stupid, even to me….” Mira sighed.

“Trouble, all I know is that she’d be back here if she could be, alright!” Mira cried. Trouble gave her a glance that said, ‘You think that?’ “Trouble!”


“Shut up,” she muttered, crossing her arms. Trouble laughed.

“Alright, if you wake up, and she isn’t here, I’ll talk to some people,” Trouble said. Mira dashed over and hugged him happily.

Well, least to say, Trouble had to talk to some people the next morning.

Thanks to Dommie for co-writing!

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  1. Amber Root (hollyfan) July 24th, 2011 at 12:25 am 1

    Omg I have a sister and a brother?!? I didn’t find any mistakes, it was wonderful! I loved how you picked purple nailpolish, cus I have it on my nails right now. 😀 5/s

    Also is it ture that you were banned from the Forum?

  2. Nice job, Mira and Lavanya. I liked it!

    But Root is hundreds of years old, and he has a less-than-one-hundred-year-old sister? That seems a tad wonky.
    And do I sense a bit of Trouble/Lavanya romance in the future…?

    Please update this, it has real potential 🙂

  3. XD Guys… Thx but probably no Trouble Lavanya in the furture I’m afraid. And lol Amy yes, yes you do! I won’t be on tomorrow so I’m afraid it won’t have an update for a while…

    Man I say ‘I’m afraid’ a lot…

  4. haha, i loved the part where Trouble is like, “Foaly had the rain on.” I never thought about them having weather, but it’s kinda funny to think of artificial rain underground. For this, the only mistake I saw was in the beginning you spelled through wrong once. you spelled it threw when it should be the other one. That’s all I saw. I thought it was awesome! Excited for an update! Even if it’s gonna take a while! 5/s!

  5. FantasyDevourer August 2nd, 2011 at 2:42 am 5

    I saw a couple spelling mistakes, but otherwise very good with that.

    Could you do some kind of divider when the P.O.V. switches, like a few asterisks or something? That could make it easier to read.

    And, grr!!!! You put Trouble and Holly together!! … Ah well….

  6. I loved it!!! Are they going to kill her?!? I need to know now! No mistakes, 5/L(lollipops)

    Oh my god I love this story so much and needed to know what happend. So it’s like 11:00 and I’m on my Ds. I’m never on this late, so this is means alot about how I like this story. Got to go before I get in real big trouble!

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