Portal : The Crossover!

Summary: A crossover of AF and the Portal series...

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Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to Portal: The Crossover! I love Portal, (the series AND the game), and this is my chance to make a GOOD fanfic!  (Also, it’s easier to post on AFFG then Fanfiction.net, as their system for posting fanfics is intimately complex and difficult.) Henceforth, I start my fanfic!

P.S.: Seeing as Artemis Fowl II is involved, it’s going to be hard to stay in character with Portal.



Artemis Fowl the Second, age 14, laid in his bed, having just woken up. Having just come back from another search for demons, he was tired. Incredibly so.  . But Artemis had more important things to worry about. Mainly, the dream he had experienced last night.


Artemis got up and went to his computer, and awoke it. Seeing as it was on, he went and opened hid custom search engine, ORaDHS, or Online Reserarch and Database Hacking Searcher.   The program, which Artemis had developed for his own personal use, was coded to find anything related to the search topic, searching across multiple engines, including Google, Bing, and countless others. In addition, the program would hack into classified databases and pull information on the topic. On this particular occasion, he typed in “Aperture Science”.

Gathering all the information it could, ORaDHS compiled the data, translated it, and turned it into a series of many written paragraphs. Artemis began to read.

“Aperture Science is a United States based science company founded in 1947 by Cave Johnson. Originally named Aperture Fixtures, and then Aperture Science Innovators, the company experienced great prosperity in the period from 1947  to 1968, getting defense contracts with the United States government, creating several odd products, (most of which were pulled of the shelves for various reasons) eventually building the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The company was and has been in competition with Black Mesa, the former losing to its competitor. Prior to 1968, the company hired war heroes, Olympians, and astronauts as test subjects, but when Aperture was involved in the 1968 Senate hearings on missing astronauts (presumably lost to Aperture testing), the company began to lose popularity and went bankrupt. Through several contracts, Aperture managed to stay afloat. They released several gel-related consumer products, however these were pulled from the shelves due to intestinal deterioration caused by the gels. 7 years ago, Cave Johnson, CEO, died of poisoning caused by exposure to lunar dust.”

Artemis read all of this, then scrolled down to a section labeled “Classified”. He also read this in that file:

“According to Aperture records, the company has been working on the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or ASHPD. This is to gain an advantage on their rival, Black Mesa. Also, they have been working on the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, or GLaDOS. Recently, Cave’s assistant, Caroline (last name not found) has allowed herself to be inserted into a computer. The 16th annual Aperture Science Enrichment Center Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is slated for May 11, 2003. GLaDOS will be activated and showcased on this date.”

Artemis smiled as he saw an opportunity. A bankrupt company developing portals. And artificial consciousness. The Lower Elements hadn’t come up with anything like that. A computerized goddess. Artemis thought to himself as he went down to inform Butler about their trip.

Chapter 1: Neurotoxin

The Fowl Bentley pulled up to the Aperture Science gate. After learning that Artemis Fowl had arrived, the guard standing at his post called his supervisors below him and informed them that the potential investor had come.

Of course, Artemis had already scheduled a meeting with the supervisors, as he knew it would be impossible to obtain access to the facility without clearance. Soon, a perky woman clad in a white coat came to greet the,, came to greet him and Butler. “Greetings, sirs. Welcome to Aperture Science. Follow me.” Artemis and Butler proceeded after her, Artemis deep in thought. All of this, because of a dream. Artemis was surprised. Genius or not, he had never had a prophetic dream before, as he was, for the most part, a normal human, not some mythic hero. But now, a dream had led him here. All this flashed through Artemis’s mind as the woman lead them into an elevator. They stepped in, and went down to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.


* * *

So that’s the pilot. I apologize for not having uploaded in MONTHS. I’ve been trying to upload some of my fanfics onto Fanfiction.net, and I haven’t had time to upgrade. Thus “The Rift Between Spaces: Part 6” won’t be done for a while.

Please let me know what you think of this story. Constructive criticism is wanted.





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