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Night Terrors

Summary: Yes, another short one, but this story is really more of a side project for when I really have to […]

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Yes, another short one, but this story is really more of a side project for when I really have to let my dark side loose. I went a little more… freaky in this chapter, and I wrote it at midnight-ish, so… actually, thee is now way to prepare anyone for this.


Don’t read before going to bed. You will regret it.


His eyes darted to the large ring once more, but the call simply refused to be made. There was only one person who could even hope to help him, and he was too prideful to admit it.


Back and forth.


At this point, he could almost see the furrows his feet cut in the carpet, the weeks of nightly pacing taking their toll on the plush fibers. With every day, he seemed able to push the clock a few minutes further. A part of him hoped that if he slept during the day, the automatic reassurance that came with the sun’s first rays would burn the images of anguish from his thoughs. But they didn’t. His life had become one endless game of Slenderman, but what frightened him more, was that he was never sure if he would turn and see the monster, or turn and see himself. Which, frankly, were one in the same in the captivity of his subconcious, but the latter was easily the more terrifying of the two.


Back and forth.


The shroud of black that cloaked the Dublin sky was beginning to shed it’s layers, revealing a sultry navy, then a smooth indigo. His feet dragged as fatigue began to pull at his feet, threatening to pull him into the sleep that to brazenly snatched his sanity away.


Back and forth.


Sky now a gaudy pink, the inevitable misstep came about and he was once more met with the worn flooring.


He pushed away from the thick quilt of filth on the ground, eyes darting through the trees, but found nothing. Breath gasped in and out while he ran, desperation for civilization nearly tangible. He shoutes into the thick shadows that covered everything like spilled ink.


A flash of motion in the corner of his eye brought his attention to the tiny sillouette of a pudgy body.


“Beckett!” he cried, stumbling to the boy, but he faltered when the child stepped into a stray beam of moonlight.


Cacked head to toe in blood, there was hardly an area where there was no open flesh, exposing the layers of muscle, sinew and bone. One eye socket was empty and half of his face was essentially a skid mard, revealing the little pearls that maintained their flawless white through the hole in his cheek.


“Why’d you leave me Arty?” she sinister little voice asked, blatant snark accusing abandonment. “Why’d you just watch? Do you like to hurt me?”


“Beckett…” he whispered, reaching a hand towards the boy’s ravaged face, but the toddler disappated with a curl of smoke. He whirled sharply at the soft crunch of leaves, to see Holly. Her mismatched eyes glinted menacingly and her head tilted to the side.


“Why did you do this to me? I thought you loved me, Arty. This isn’t love.” she gestured to her mutilated form. Her beautiful auburn hair hung an inch above her shoulders in thick matts of dried blood. Her jumpsuit barely managed to keep her covered, the rest filled wit rips and slices, every hole revealing a deep cut or rough scrape and blood stained most of the green a shade nearly black. Her lips were stained with more spatters, and their cherry shape spat burning accusations.


“No, Holly, that wasn’t me!”


“Really? Then who weilded the knife? Who sliced through my skin as if it were butter. Who grinned and laughed as they did it, like I was some kind of amusing child throwing a tantrum when I screamed. Who was it Arty? Who was it?”


“IT WAS ME!” he screamed, his fingers digging furrows in the carpet as his own voice yanked him from the dream.


This was getting out of hand, and they weren’t getting any better, not by any means. For the longest time, he had refused to admit it, but he needed help. he couldn’t live the rest of his life without sleep.


He snatched the ring from his table, dialing the number before he lost the nerve.


That psychotic part of me wants to draw Holly and Beckett, but I have SO MANY other requests and commissions to do(no, Shorty, I haven’t forgotten you, life is just pitted against me in an unbelieavable way right now, and it’s hard to find time).


So, yeah, just dropping by with an update. I hope I haven’t been forgotten about.




Man, this place is empty.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Hey, you did it!! Cool! It kinda sucks that this is just the part that’s already up, but it’s still awesome! Can’t wait to see the update!! 🙂

  2. imfowltothebone July 15th, 2013 at 1:28 pm 2

    I love it so much!!! and with single digit ages? i’ve been watching horror movies since i was 4, but never mind, great Fic, thanks for stopping by and remember, I’m Finn *censored* you stay classy fangathering *total anchorman reference :D*

  3. I think youre good, Silver. It doesnt bother me, and if it does bother anybody else thats their problem, they dont have to read it, and they shouldnt have continued after the warning. And you probably couldnt scare me off if you tried. 😉(Oh, no, if I tried, you’d run screaming. Just a heads up, don’t read any of my slash storied on… there’s a reason I have an alternate account for those stories)

    Have you noticed how empty this place has been lately? It kinda sucks, but I guess no posts are better than spam posts, dont you think?

    Anyways, to the story. It was really good. For some reason I am really liking the dark stories and stuff lately, reading it others as well as writing it in my own… I dont know whats gotten into me, but Im liking it! Update soon please! 🙂

  4. Excellent work! your writing really impresses me. Keep it up!

    still loving it!!

  6. Yes! Update was amazing!

  7. Yes, look who updated! I’m also partially through the next chapter of MM and have an idea for WWYD.

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