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Night Terrors

Summary: Hey, guys. I’m trying to make up for my long absences by updating some stuff. This chapter will be a […]

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Hey, guys. I’m trying to make up for my long absences by updating some stuff. This chapter will be a bit shorter, because I don’t have much time, but I wanted to get something up before I lost my internet connection again.


Artemis woke in a cold sweat, his hair matted to his face in thick clumps. Breath came in uneven gasps as he struggled from the tangle of sheets wrapped around his body like restraints. He kicked violently at them, as though they kept him tethered to horrifying images that played through his mind in a constant loop.

As usual, he had been awakened by another nightmare, but thing time, something had changed.

A shadowed figured had followed the elf relentlessly, drawing blood with ease in every strike. Auburn strands were glued to her forehead with sweat and involuntary tears traced thin lines of toffee skin beneath the thick coating of spattered blood and grime. Mismatched eyes pleaded to her perpetrator, their face shrouded by the shadows.

She tried to hold her own, she really did, but at time wore on, she would tire, and the assailant seemed to draw strength from her weakness, for he showed to signs of even the barest hint of fatigue.

At last, she made a mistake, let them get a half step too close, and she stumbled. She bit back a scream as harsh scrapes were ripped into her palms, and the inky blackness that seemed to pulse as though it were alive.

Mismatched eyes streamed drops of salt, staining small, round dots of her jumpsuit a deep green. Her fingers scrambled to wipe the tears from her cheek, wincing as they drained into a shallow cut across her cheekbone and drawing forth a fierce sting.

Those pools of opposing hues pleaded for mercy where none would be found, cowering as her captor was finally unveiled.

Eyes of ice stared down at her with an uncaring, maniacal azure gaze, a grin of mocking triumph stretching across the smooth, alabaster flesh of his face.

The last thing she saw was that sinister vampire grin.

Artemis shook so hard, he could barely grasp the edge of the thick quilt to rip it away from his body. Cold seeped into his bare feet as they touched the cool floorboards, and he edged his was to the bathroom, afraid if he moved faster than frozen molasses, he would fall and wake someone.

At last, he grasped its frame and pushed open the heavy mahogany. The door swung on soundless hinges and the light glared into his face after a moment of fumbling. Once again, the cold water swirled down the drain as he splashed it onto his face, gasping noiselessly as the drops struck his skin like tiny bullets of ice.

Terror clutched his chest as his breath heaved.


Images of those he loved most haunted him night after night, but never like this. Creatures from the countless myths committed to memory bit and ripped at their bodies, but never before had the predator been himself. Never was he the one to bring such fear and pain to such seemingly vulnerable people.

What frightened him more, was that he seemed to so easily break Holly like that, made her cower in terror before him. She was nothing like that, her spirit wound never be broken like that, she would fight until her last breath.

How had he become such a monster? He saw his actions, knew what he was doing, yet he did nothing to stop them. Why? He knew he would never do any of those things… yet, he had the power to stop them and didn’t.

Worse still, he felt himself execute them, and liked it. He enjoyed the pleading terror on her face and savored her screams.

While, all at the same time, they sickened him as he watched.

His fingers twiddled the ostentatious ring on his finger, debating on a call he should have made a long time ago, yet didn’t. He had no desire to become a mental patient in Argon’s facility once more, but this was getting out of hand, and the others were beginning to notice.

He sighed, the ring slipping from his grip. He had held on this long.

What was a little bit longer?


I know, short, but I’m leaving my mom’s soon, and losing my wifi access. I might be able to update from my home computer at some point, but it’s painfully slow and only lets me publish stories, not update them, because it doesn’t have Google Chrome.

Oh well, if it won’t work, another trip to the library may be warranted. See y’all later!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Hey, you did it!! Cool! It kinda sucks that this is just the part that’s already up, but it’s still awesome! Can’t wait to see the update!! 🙂

  2. imfowltothebone July 15th, 2013 at 1:28 pm 2

    I love it so much!!! and with single digit ages? i’ve been watching horror movies since i was 4, but never mind, great Fic, thanks for stopping by and remember, I’m Finn *censored* you stay classy fangathering *total anchorman reference :D*

  3. I think youre good, Silver. It doesnt bother me, and if it does bother anybody else thats their problem, they dont have to read it, and they shouldnt have continued after the warning. And you probably couldnt scare me off if you tried. 😉(Oh, no, if I tried, you’d run screaming. Just a heads up, don’t read any of my slash storied on… there’s a reason I have an alternate account for those stories)

    Have you noticed how empty this place has been lately? It kinda sucks, but I guess no posts are better than spam posts, dont you think?

    Anyways, to the story. It was really good. For some reason I am really liking the dark stories and stuff lately, reading it others as well as writing it in my own… I dont know whats gotten into me, but Im liking it! Update soon please! 🙂

  4. Excellent work! your writing really impresses me. Keep it up!

    still loving it!!

  6. Yes! Update was amazing!

  7. Yes, look who updated! I’m also partially through the next chapter of MM and have an idea for WWYD.

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