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Night Terrors

Summary: And as sleeplessness overcomes me, you are received with a (most likely) small post from my phone, of which I am […]

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And as sleeplessness overcomes me, you are received with a (most likely) small post from my phone, of which I am quickly loosing patience with, but it’s better than laying in bed whilst trying to find constellations in my popcorn texture ceiling. As I’m sure you can tell, I have no life and have no friends that would talk to me at this hour, even if I bothered to text as it was.

But I digress.


Artemis paced back and forth across his bedroom, his movements clumsy and jerky as he tried to keep himself awake. He spent a majority of most nights pacing, not wanting to sleep because of the nightmares. He went on as long as he could, but, invariably, he would stumble and exhaustion would claim him nearly instantaneously when he hit the floor in a muffled collision. Already, fatigue was trying to take him.

Back and forth, one foot in front of the other.

The steady, constant shh, shh his bare feet made against the carpet was methodical enough to cause him to drift, even while walking. Snapping out of it, he shook his head violently, but no matter how hard he shook it, he couldn’t shake off the lethargy that ever-constantly lingered. Back and forth. What could be bringing on these nightmares? What did he do that angered the universe badly enough that this would be his punishment? How many times would he be forced to watch his parents, the twins, Butler, Holly and anyone else he’s ever known and cared about, be tortured and killed so… so mercilessly? The horrible sounds that came from their mouths ranged from the pained howl of a coyote to the guttural roar of a bear being mauled by a person, they should never come from the mouths of any sentient being, let alone the ones he put before himself.

Back and forth.

His lack of sleep had hardly escaped his family, either. At first, they thought it was simply late night working, on various projects, but as time stretched on, it became clear that this was more that some prolonged project. The bags under his eyes had nearly become a permanent fixture as the weeks dragged on and on. He either got no sleep, or fitful sleep, which was much the same as no sleep at all, but no sleep carried no screams of pain or splattered blood, either.

Back and forth.

He was now teetering on the edge of delirium, and he couldn’t risk another shot of adrenaline. Not for roughly another five hours. Not five minutes later, did his legs simple buckle and he was, once again, face down on carpet he had become all too familiar with.


“Arty, help me! Please, make it go away! Please Art-mis, it’s scary!”

The sounds of Beckett’s terrified cries wrenched and tore at Artemis’ already aching heart. He threw himself once more at the invisible barrier that separated him from his brother. He slammed his fists against the impenetrable anomaly with a force he didn’t realize he possessed, though it only succeeded in thoroughly bruising the sides of his hands.

Tears streamed down both his and Beckett’s faces at some kind of creature resembling a Hydra drew nearer and nearer to the five year old boy. The creature had four heads, each with fangs a long as one of Artemis’ hands and thick venom dripped like sap from their dagger-like tips. Though the creature had no wings, it’s powerful hind legs gave it the ability to jump incredibly high, and it’s tail was covered with thin spindles that it could flick out at a target with chilling accuracy.

The boy’s back hit the stone wall, but only then did he begin to shake. The terror rolled off of him so thick, it was almost tangible. He was unable to cry out, his quaking voice frozen.

An inaudible “I’m sorry” slipped from Artemis’ lips as he closed his eyes, subjecting himself only to the shrieks, then, later, the wet tearing and squelching of… he refused to consider what.

When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself face to face with the creature, its fangs coated with rivers of crimson, occasionally studded with what could only be flesh.

It poised to strike it’s prey.


And there we have it, another lovely installment of the horrifying place know as my mind! Honestly, it could be a lot worse that this, but I would rather keep the nightmares of the tangible world suppressed to my own head(where else could I possibly get these kinds of ideas?). If I ever push it too far, please let me know in a review, because that is very apt to happen. I know I have a warning, in bold and in red(per the rules), so I shouldn’t get much grief from the editors, but I don’t want to scare people or anything. Please, guys, tell me if I’m pushing it. I hope the vastly overpowering dark side of me hasn’t scared off my reviewers, but if it did, I still love you guys!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Hey, you did it!! Cool! It kinda sucks that this is just the part that’s already up, but it’s still awesome! Can’t wait to see the update!! 🙂

  2. imfowltothebone July 15th, 2013 at 1:28 pm 2

    I love it so much!!! and with single digit ages? i’ve been watching horror movies since i was 4, but never mind, great Fic, thanks for stopping by and remember, I’m Finn *censored* you stay classy fangathering *total anchorman reference :D*

  3. I think youre good, Silver. It doesnt bother me, and if it does bother anybody else thats their problem, they dont have to read it, and they shouldnt have continued after the warning. And you probably couldnt scare me off if you tried. 😉(Oh, no, if I tried, you’d run screaming. Just a heads up, don’t read any of my slash storied on… there’s a reason I have an alternate account for those stories)

    Have you noticed how empty this place has been lately? It kinda sucks, but I guess no posts are better than spam posts, dont you think?

    Anyways, to the story. It was really good. For some reason I am really liking the dark stories and stuff lately, reading it others as well as writing it in my own… I dont know whats gotten into me, but Im liking it! Update soon please! 🙂

  4. Excellent work! your writing really impresses me. Keep it up!

    still loving it!!

  6. Yes! Update was amazing!

  7. Yes, look who updated! I’m also partially through the next chapter of MM and have an idea for WWYD.

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