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Night Terrors

Summary: Okay, this started out as a drabble from WWYD, but upon consulting my adoring fans, it has been decide that […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Okay, this started out as a drabble from WWYD, but upon consulting my adoring fans, it has been decide that I will make this a full-length fic.



“No, please, n-eaahhhhhh!”

A hooded figure yanked a delicately curved dagger through the thin membrane of skin. A small gout of blood sprayed from the incision across the elf’s abdomen. The figure chuckled at her screams. Tears rolled down Artemis’ filthy cheeks as Holly’ piercing screams filled his ears.

Blood splashed to the dirt floor in streams of rich crimson. Artemis shook at the state his best friend was in.

Cheeks once a bright persimmon were now an ashen gray. Auburn hair that one shone like a copper kettle, now hung in choppy, sweat slickened strings.

Holly shivered as the slash through her slender torso seeped blood onto her green jumpsuit. Ragged bits of red flesh puckered from the wound. The figure wound their fingers through the dirty knots of her hair and yanked her head back.

Artemis heart nearly burst when the obscure torturer pressed the tip of the bloodstained knife to her neck.

“Any last sentiments boy?” The rough chortle was indecipherable as male or female.

“Please don’t! I’ll do anything, give you anything! Please don’t harm her anymore!” his desperate words were only rewarded with another chuckle.

“What I want is for you to beg. I want you to plead for all you were never worth as take her in front of you. I want you to suffer.” the obscure assailant hissed. He dug the knife in deeper, drawing a ruby drop from beneath the slim blade.

Artemis could feel the gruesome smile of their shadowed face as the dagger glided through her jugular as though it was butter.

The earth itself seemed to drop from beneath his feet as he thrashed in his bonds, screaming like a beast strait from the pits of hell itself. He screamed until he could no more.

The figure leaned into his face, finally revealing their own.

“You know, it really is too bad I don’t have the kindness to kill you, too.” the twisted, gnarled mouth of Opal Koboi hissed words of venom at him, her marred by magic features all the more gruesome from the psychotic grin stretched across her blackened face. Droplets of blood flew through the air as the knife whistled past his ear, embedding itself in the wall behind him.

“No, you have to live with yourself.


Artemis awoke in a cold sweat, strands of his damp raven hair matted to his forehead. He smeared the wet locks from his eyes as he slid out of bed and flipped the bathroom switch. He splashed a handful of icy water onto his face and looked into the gilt framed mirror.

“What’s happening to me?”

Okay, this is just the drabble from the story, but chapter one is coming VERY soon, I promise. I have a good start on it, but I have to give up my laptop soon, so I won’t be able to post it yet. 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Hey, you did it!! Cool! It kinda sucks that this is just the part that’s already up, but it’s still awesome! Can’t wait to see the update!! 🙂

  2. imfowltothebone July 15th, 2013 at 1:28 pm 2

    I love it so much!!! and with single digit ages? i’ve been watching horror movies since i was 4, but never mind, great Fic, thanks for stopping by and remember, I’m Finn *censored* you stay classy fangathering *total anchorman reference :D*

  3. I think youre good, Silver. It doesnt bother me, and if it does bother anybody else thats their problem, they dont have to read it, and they shouldnt have continued after the warning. And you probably couldnt scare me off if you tried. 😉(Oh, no, if I tried, you’d run screaming. Just a heads up, don’t read any of my slash storied on… there’s a reason I have an alternate account for those stories)

    Have you noticed how empty this place has been lately? It kinda sucks, but I guess no posts are better than spam posts, dont you think?

    Anyways, to the story. It was really good. For some reason I am really liking the dark stories and stuff lately, reading it others as well as writing it in my own… I dont know whats gotten into me, but Im liking it! Update soon please! 🙂

  4. Excellent work! your writing really impresses me. Keep it up!

    still loving it!!

  6. Yes! Update was amazing!

  7. Yes, look who updated! I’m also partially through the next chapter of MM and have an idea for WWYD.

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