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Moi Amor

Summary: This place was perfect for her. The land of chocolates, style, Well, maybe not love.

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Paris, France.

This place was perfect for her. The land of chocolates, style, and…love? Well, maybe not love. She hadn’t felt love since college, when she first saw him…


“Hey, Coral? Who’s that hot centaur over there?”

“Him? Oh, that’s Foaly. He’s a geek like you are, Opal.”


End of Flashback

Coral had been her best friend, till she had betrayed her.


She had been betrayed so many times. By everyone except Foaly.


“Hello. You are Opal, right? I’m-”

“Hello, Foaly. Yes I am Opal, but I don’t remember telling you my name.”

“I don’t remember telling you mine, either.”

End Of Flashback

A tear dripped down her cheek.

He was her secret love.

She remembered the other reason she had come to Paris.


“Foaly, where were you born?”

“I was born in the Mud Man world of Paris.”

“Oh! I love the French language. I only know ‘mon petite'”

“A little? You have a great accent.” Then they both laughed. They were study partners, and spent a lot of time together.


“Yes, Foaly?”

“In French, you are ‘moi amor'”

“But that means ‘my love’, doesn’t it?”


End of Flashback

That evil Holly Short. Her real father was Foaly, though no one knew it. That was the only reason she had killed Coral. The only reason the LEP was after her. The only reason she had killed her best friend was for the love of a centaur.

The love of a centaur named Foaly.

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  1. OMG!i love it! Who’spoint of veiw?

    Opal Kobois. I’m glad you like it, Kristin!

    Try to include crit in your comments, please ^^ ~WE

  2. This was pretty good although I don’t ship them. I didn’t notice any mistakes and UPDATE YOU LOOK FAMILIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a workin on it! hold your d’arviting dragons! it’ll come soon!

  3. I’m sorry WE but I couldn’t find anything to criticize.

  4. Plot hole: Opal would know French. She has magic.

  5. I like it, though it seems rather unlikely for Foaly/Opal. And another plot hole: Holly’s an elf. If she were Foaly’s daughter, she would have four hooves. Other than that, a good fanfic. I enyjoyed reading it.

    P.S., I think “Hold your d’arviting dragons” will be my new catch phrase. XD

  6. Sweeet, cute. Liked it. Work on your transitions.

    WE, out~

  7. This was awesome?. I agree with all the crit. above so don’t kill me! Also if you don’t update You Look Familiar u will face my sword/lazorr!!

  8. omg, please merge this or something cause i didn’t mean to put those question marks! Sorry 4 double posting!

  9. YOU MADE FOALY EVIL!!! but u get good/bad ideas,’cos i don’t know French,BUT THAT’S MY PROBLEM!!! 555 STARS

    Let’s do this. I’m going to invade all of your spam and tell you to stop, girl (I’m assuming that you’re a girl). Add constructive criticism to your comments and at least try to make them plausible. I know you’re new, but I can’t stand this. ~WE

  10. Wow, I why Fowlie thought I might be you. Anyway if you get, she doesn’t like the way thing ended.

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