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Summary: Welcome to LiveGame,the new Full-Imersion gaming center. We have a large assortment of games for everyone! When Artemis is whisked away into a virtual world,he knew he might have to do some actual physical work,but he never thought that he would have to 1.Meet the King of Darnassus. 2.Fight the Gaurdians 3.Put up with two elves 4.Save the Preistess 5.Stay alive until he can get out. (This IS a World of Warcraft crossover,but you need to know at least exactly as much as Artemis about the game,which is a grand total of NONE.)

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Artemis landed with an undignified “Omph” into Northshire Abbey.The woman,who he had learned her name was Sherry, had suggested he play a human warlock,and he did. Apperently he was to talk to the knight in front of the Abbey.
They really did mean they smelt what thier characters smelt.The smell of horse manure was strong,but stronger still was the stink coming from a nearby camp.
Kobolds, He thought. It is a kobold camp.
He didn’t know why he knew this,but he did.He racked his brain trying to figure out what on earth kolbolds were.
Kobolds are rat-like humanoids that are afriad of the dark,yet reside mainly around caves in order to mine. Artemis blinked back in shock about this.It was like he had grown up here.He remembered false memories of playing in the moats in Stormwind,of his family being killed by men in red bandanas,of apprenicing for his aunt at “Canal Tailor and Fit Shop” before she died of old age and he didn’t know enough of tailoring to run it on his own,so had sold it to the king and come down to his birthplace to earn his living.

“Hello Deputy Willem.” Artemis greeted the knight out front.
“Hello Artemi-ARTEMIS? How’ve you been? How’s your aunt?” the Deputy replied,beaming with recognition.
“My aunt is dead,Will.” Artemis remembered a friendship with Deputy Willem before his parents had died and Artemis had moved to Stormwind.
“Oh,I’m sorry to hear that.Anyway,the Marshell wanted to see you.Tell me if you need anything.”
Artemis thanked Willem and headed inside to talk to the Abbey,and was told to go visit a woman by the name of Drusilla De Salle.
Why would someone play this? Artemis wondered. There is nothing about walking around and talking to pointless computer-generated people.
A stinging sensation jammed into his arm and he heard a low pitched growl.He did what came naturally.His uninjured hand turned purple and green,and he threw a swirling black ball at the wolf,who cringed and ran away limping.He shot again,and the wolf fell whimpering,then slowly stopped moving.
Artemis poked it with a stick before venturing closer to it,then skinned and gutted the dead animal.He took the meat and the skin,threw it in his bag,and continued around the abbey to Drusilla.
“Hello? Artemis?” asked a dark-haired woman with a cold,drawling voice.Her purple-brown eyes glittered in the sunlight,and her pale skin resembled Artemis’.
“Drusilla De Salle?” he inquired.

She nodded.”Alright,I trust you know what you are getting into.Training starts when the sun reaches its peak.”

In the time leading to up to training,Artemis killed some Kobolds and traded their candles and equipment for a better robe and boots, It was strange that he had worked in a tailer’s shop and had not had good clothing.
Drusilla looked up at the sun. ” Right on time.” She said with Artemis’s signature vampire smile. ” Lets see what you can do. Try and hit me.”
“How do I do that?”
“Focus.” She answered shortly.
He concentraited on bringing that glowing ball of purple and green fire to his hand. A flame flickered quickly,then went out. Come on. You are Arteims Fowl. He thought.Then, Playing a game.
“Alright,Artemis. You did fine when you were in danger,so…”She threw a ball of dreary black light at him,which he dodged quickly and absentmindedly threw the requested purple and green fire back.
“Wonderful!” She exclaimed gleefully and clapped her hands together.” Now try it yourself.Bring back what you had felt just now.
He focused again,and this time, the light stayed long enough that he could throw it,then it fizzled out halfway to it’s target.
No better this time,but the fire had increased in size,which seemed to make Miss De Salle happy. ” Balance yourself.” She instructed “Keep your hands steady,back straight,and chin up.”
He tried to obey,but each spell flickered away at the same spot.Finally,Drusilla decided to move on after a spark had reached her.”Good enough” She murmured. “Alright,Artemis.Time for your familiar. You will travel to Shadowglen and find a grell to the northwest of Aldrassil,the great tree.I suggest you talk to the dryad Tarindrella when you get there.She can help you tame a grell so you can bring it back here so I can bind it to you.Be careful,though.Most Night Elves do not take kindly to our dark magics.”
He thanked her and started his way the the town of Stormwind,where he would catch a boat to Darnassus.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Whoa. Nice. You totally created a new world, without demolishing the original Artemis Fowl world using advanced technology in your fanfic! Brilliant! I didn’t find to many grammatical or spelling mistakes, so I rated five stars. I really hope you update soon. Like….now! Whhat a wonderful original idea! 🙂

    Oh, and I forgot: *First comment dance!*

    I’m just saying, but merging posts for things like that is kind of annoying. It takes a bit more than the click of a button 😉

  2. Dancing is a key part of first commenting.

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