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Summary: Welcome to LiveGame,the new Full-Imersion gaming center. We have a large assortment of games for everyone! When Artemis is whisked away into a virtual world,he knew he might have to do some actual physical work,but he never thought that he would have to 1.Meet the King of Darnassus. 2.Fight the Gaurdians 3.Put up with two elves 4.Save the Preistess 5.Stay alive until he can get out. (This IS a World of Warcraft crossover,but you need to know at least exactly as much as Artemis about the game,which is a grand total of NONE.)

Chapters: 1 2

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“A-rty! Take us to LiveGame!” Myles begged,pulling on Artemis Fowl’s shirt as he worked. LiveGame was the new full-imersion gaming center in Dublin.

“Myles,” Artemis said,not looking down at the begging child. “When did I say I would take you?”
“Later,when Juliet comes.” Myles groaned. ” Because she wants to go just as much as we do…”
Just then,the door in the large manor creaked open downstairs,and Myles shot out of the room to see who it was. “ARTY! JULIET’S HERE!”
“Hi Myles!” Juliet smiled “Whats your brother doing?”
“Artemis?” He asked,and she nodded. “He’s being boring.But now he’s gonna take us to LiveGame!” He laughed as Juliet danced around at this news,throwing punches into the air.
“Juliet,get ahold of yourself,” Artemis said in a condesending tone,but a faint smile played at his lips. “Alright,Myles.Go get your brother.” He told the boy,but before Artemis was finished,he was gone.
“Hey Arty!” Juliet greeted as she ruffled the genius’s hair. “Where’s Butler?”
“He is in the library.” He answered.
“Alright!” she yelled as she speed up the stairs and down the hall,leaving Artemis waiting for them.


“Good Morning,have you been here before?” Asked a smiling woman at the front desk of LiveGame. The place intself seemed virtually empty,but a few people were laying on couches or sitting on shairs,with wires attached to their fingertips,toes,and head.
“No,we have not.” Artemis answered,as the others were looking around the room in wonder. It was impressive,Artemis had to admit. There was a large selection of full-imersion and semi-imersion games around them.
“Artemis Fowl,” he paused and looked at the twins and Juliet ” Beckett and Myles Fowl,and Juliet Butler.”

“Sir,are you playing?” She asked Butler.
“Yes,Ma’am. My name is Butler.”
“Alright,” she said after typing each of the names into the computer on the desk. “Welcome to LiveGame.Here you will find a large selection of full-imersion and semi-imersion games,along with your usual computer games.Full-imersion gaming is when you take full control of your character and life their life.You feel what they feel,taste what they taste,see what they see.Though pain is toned down quite alot.There will be no guides to help you,and there will be no built in answers for you to reply with. Semi-imersion gaming is when you take most of the control of your character.You see what they see from their eyes,but you do not feel or taste what they do.There is guides and built in answers for this.” She droned,as if she was bored of talking about this. “So,choose a game from one of the posters,and I’ll show you a trailer for it.”
“Thank you.” Artemis replyed,and looked around at the posters lining the walls.
“NO.WAY!” Juliet yelled as she looked at a poster,and looked at the woman. “How do you have full-imersion WrestleFair?”
“Came in today,” She replyed as she smiled.
“Lemmie look at that.” She walked to the woman,who sorted through disks until she found the trailer.
“Myles,Beckett,why don’t you look at this one?” Artemis suggested,looking at a poster for a game called “SpaceAdventures” .
“Alright!” They replied in unison and ran to the woman,who started the trailer for them.
“Artemis,I’m going to try this one.” Butler told him,looking at a game called “Spy Zone”
“Would you like to try “Into the World”? ” The woman asked. “It is a full-imersion version of the popular game “World of Warcraft.”
“You don’t happen to have any educational games,do you?”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Whoa. Nice. You totally created a new world, without demolishing the original Artemis Fowl world using advanced technology in your fanfic! Brilliant! I didn’t find to many grammatical or spelling mistakes, so I rated five stars. I really hope you update soon. Like….now! Whhat a wonderful original idea! 🙂

    Oh, and I forgot: *First comment dance!*

    I’m just saying, but merging posts for things like that is kind of annoying. It takes a bit more than the click of a button 😉

  2. Dancing is a key part of first commenting.

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