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Hybras Falls

Summary: I'm really interested in the imps and deamons of Hydras. These are some poems crated by an imp named No.163 about Hydras going back to the Earth.

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The Beginning

Hybras is fine
Hybras is cool
Abbot is god,
‘Cuz he makes the rules.
The ground is red
And so is the sky
And everyone here
wants humans to die.
No.1 is very weird
He wants to save the humans
And that is bad
But then he disappeared.

The Fall

Abbot says
“Now is your chance
Kill the puny human
And you’ll advance!”
The human is tiny
So we’ll kill him fast
I want to warp
I want to advance.
Abbot is gone
The warlocks are chanting
I’d tell them to shut up
But I’m scared of their blasting!
We are moving
And I’m scared
We are moving
But I didn’t prepare!

The Landing

We land
And it hurts
Everyone’s moaning
I think something burst!
We’re suddenly surrounded
By big scary things
That are covered in metal
And have giant wings.
Creatures invade
They’re scary little things
I know they’re no human
‘Cuz they don’t stink.
Hydras is sinking
It’s so sad
It’s all the creature’s fault
That makes me so mad!

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  1. I hope you like this. I might update, it depends on how I feel. Please don’t ask me to make this into chapters! For some reason my bar thing with all that gadgety stuff disappeared, so I can’t. I don’t think I can do a first comment dance for my own story.*cries a little bit*

  2. For future reference, you can separate chapters by typing