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Death of a Killer

Summary: Artemis Fowl was no more. In his place in his mind was Orion Fowl. He was romantic, true, but he […]

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Artemis Fowl was no more. In his place in his mind was Orion Fowl. He was romantic, true, but he was a good-hearted boy. Which is the opposite of what you want to be when you’re trying to kill Opal Koboi in cold blood.

Opal was chained to a wall, following her latest defeat. Holly and Orion stood in front of her, the former egging the latter on. “Just shoot, Orion, get it over with!”

Orion’s hand shook. “But she can’t fight back. This isn’t justified.”

“Are you kidding?!? This is justified a million times over. You’ll be a hero when we get to Haven with her body.”

Orion fainted dead away.

“Oh, what the heck, I should have never let him try,” Holly muttered, picking up the gun. She aimed… and stopped. Why should she kill her like this? Why… she was chained! Orion was right. Orion…

He groaned and sat up.

She knelt next to him. “You’re right, Orion. Sorry. We can’t kill her like this. It’d be stooping to her level. And we don’t want to do that, do we?” She smiled and helped him up. “Ready?”


Holly unchained Opal.

Opal pulled out her gun.

Orion shot.

Opal fell.

Holly knelt beside her. “Goodbye, Opal. I just might miss you. Saving the world will be really easy without you in the mix.”

“No…” whispered Opal, then her eyes filmed over. Her magic did not come, because she didn’t have any. She hadn’t since she had planted a human pituitary gland in her head.

“So passed a genius gone nutso,” said Orion.

“Good shot.”

“Thank you. Let’s get her underground.”

“Yes, let’s. And-thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything.”


Hey, Orion! You killed Opal Koboi! How cool is that? R, R & R!

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  1. Sorry about the fainting, Orion. I just had to do that. :embarrassed:

  2. You shot her with a gun?that`s rediculos I would have shot her witha bannana.BANG!!!!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay I was NOT expecting that so I just cracked up. Ohhhhhhhhhh wow. Banana. *giggle fit* heeheeheeheeheeeeeeee…….*falls off chair*


  5. What are you LOLing at?!? My fic wasn’t supposed to be funny!!!!!! Are you laughing at the banana?

  6. Shortshortshortshort… again. I liked the really short sentences in the middle, but would’ve really preferred it if Opal died in a more epic way, and if she’d said something different as her last words. Maybe something like,

    “It was nice hating you, enemies.”

    Whatever. And when did Orion revive himself? The whole thing seemed rushed to me.

  7. LOVE TTHIS!! A 5!! Thank you so much..but I fainted? Ah, well.

  8. Okay, WE? I realize this wasn’t my greatest, but I promised Orion a fic about him.

    Orion, thanks. Yes… you fainted. But you’re Orion Fowl, so that’s okay. 😉

  9. It is a bit weird, but the whole thing makes sense. Only one question. Why don’t they have neutrinos, instead if guns. By gun I assumed a mud man thing that shoots bullets.

    Very good 🙂

  10. Yes. Mud Man thing that shoots bullets. They were sent out to find Koboi and kill her… because otherwise she could escape (again) and try to take over the world (again). And I am a ghost cuz Opal is my alter ego. 🙁 she was prettier than me. Then again, so is everyone. 🙄

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