History Repeats (part 3)

Summary: Chapter 8 Artemis Fowl the second I was sitting on my bed, typing away on my laptop, trying to get […]

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Chapter 8

Artemis Fowl the second

I was sitting on my bed, typing away on my laptop, trying to get things ready for my meeting later, when a knock at the window startled me.

A knock at the window?

I looked over at it. There, hovering above the windowsill, was Holly.

Even after all these years, I still recognized her on sight. She looked exactly the same as the last time, she even had that hard set look on her face that told me she was clearly in a bad mood, which meant that she probably wasn’t here to visit.

I dropped my laptop and ran over to the window. I threw it open, but she stayed there, still hovering over the sill.

Then I remembered. “Come on in.” She climbed over the sill and landed on the floor nimbly. “You could have came to the door, you know,” I said.

“I didn’t know which room you were in, so when I found the window, I just knocked. Besides, I need permission to enter a human dwelling.”

“I’m aware. There’s a welcome mat down stairs.” She stuck her tongue out at him, and he rolled his eyes at her. “For some reason I find it hard to believe you came here just to argue with me over fairy rules, so just get to the point, because I’m sure you want to be out of here as soon as you can.”

She signed. “You’re right. I have a problem, and I need your help.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Go on.”

“You might want to sit down,” she said. “It’s a long story.”

I nodded and walked over to sit down on the bed, and she sat down beside me. She explained about her mission, the meeting place, and the events of the previous night. I listened quietly through the whole thing, except when she told me about he meeting place.

“Why would you use that as your meeting place?” I asked. “Wouldn’t hold bad memories for you?”

“How so? Sure, that’s where you kidnaped me, but its also the place we met. So when I tried to think of a meeting place, it’s the first place that came to mind. Why?” I just shook my head.

I didn’t interrupt again after that.

” So,” I said, once she finished, “I understand everything except one little thing. Who’s Samantha?”

“She’s my friend’s daughter. Her mom died in an accident, so I stepped in and got her. No way was I letting them send her to her dad.”

“What’s wrong with her dad?”

“Let’s just say that he is in no way stable enough condition to have a kid,” Holly said. I nodded. “Technically, that’s where she should be right now, but she didn’t want to go, and I caved and let her come with me. I knew I shouldn’t have let her, but I just couldn’t stand to tell her no. I knew something would go wrong. I just knew it.” She shook her head, looking like she was fighting back tears. “This is all my fault.”

“No it’s not,” I said. I put an arm around her shoulders. “It’ll be okay. We’ll get her back.”

“You think so?” she asked. She looked up at me, and I could see she’d lost the battle.

“No,” I said. “I know so.” She sighed, and I pulled her closer. For a moment we just sat there, then she sat up suddenly, regaining her composure.

“So,” she said, “Any ideas?”

“Not yet, but I’m still thinking.”

“Good,” she said,” Keep that little mind of yours running, and we’ll have her back in no time.”

“Mm,” was all I said. My mind was already racing in a thousand different directions. I decided to meditate, that was always when I came up with my best ideas. Holly had gotten up and was pacing around the room.

“Can’t you relax a little?” I asked. She didn’t answer, just shook her head. I sighed, then closed my eyes and started to meditate.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Yay! Next part has come! This is awesome!
    I didn’t spot any mistakes. Hmm…right. Gimme a moment to log in and I’ll add to my favs.
    Five stars. Can’t wait to see the rest!

    Ps: I know you’re getting mad at me for not updating. Sorry. Just because of exams.

  2. Thanks! And I don’t mind. I know how controlling school can be sometimes, especially right now with the OAAs coming up. I’ll post the next part soon.

  3. SilverGoddess March 10th, 2013 at 5:37 pm 3

    I really like your stories and I love your writing style. There was a bit of OOC-ness on Artemis'(II) part, but that was pretty much it.

    I also saw your comment asking me to beta these. Honestly, I don’t think you need it. You make almost no spelling errors, your grammar is good and I see no plot holes, though I’m terrible at spotting then in the first place. There were only minor errors, like putting mud boy instead of Mud Boy. You’re very careful and clean in your work and you should be proud of it, but if you still think you need a beta, you can always check the list (which I did apply for, I just haven’t gotten a response yet), or shoot me an email (silvergoddess666@gmail.com)

    Please post part 4 soon!

  4. Okay! I have it ready, I just have to post it! I just got my Internet fixed! I did warn you about the fact there might be some OOCness on Artemis the seconds part, partly cause he’s older and partly because I’m not good at that kind of stuff. Thanks for the compliment though. I’ll be sure to fix that and capitalize “mud boy” from now on. I will put the next part as soon as I have time!

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