History Repeats 2 (part 7)

Summary: Sorry this chapter is in third person, I just don’t do bad guys! And this chapter features one of those […]

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Sorry this chapter is in third person, I just don’t do bad guys! And this chapter features one of those unexpected surprises…so yeah fair warning. Don’t freak on me.

Chapter 17

Opal ( from third person)

Opal watched the two prisoners on the monitors in disbelief. They were here, being held captive against their wills, and yet they were down there practically making out in the cell. Fowl had to be smart enough to know that she was watching them. He had to.

Apparently he just didn’t care.

It didn’t matter to her anyways. Let them do what they wanted tonight. Tomorrow she would have her revenge. All the waiting and patient planning would be worth it.


Opal turned around. Her daughter was standing in the doorway. As much as she tried to hide it, she loved the girl. Just standing here looking at her brought a surge of love from her heart.

And she hated it.

Loving someone could be considered a weakness. It could make them a weakness. Because when you love someone, you care about what happens to them.

One of the few people she ever loved, ever cared about,  was standing right here in front of her.

But as much as she hated the fact that she loved her, she couldn’t bring herself to hate her, either.

“Off to bed,” Opal said, ushering the girl out of the room. “Go on now.”

“But-” the girl tried to protest, but Opal cut her off.

“No buts. Just beds. Now go.”

The girl sighed and nodded. Then she padded off down the hall and into her room.

It was Opal’s turn to sigh. She rubbed her temples. She was going to have to do something with her. She couldn’t have the girl getting into the way of her revenge on Fowl and Short. She walked over and picked up a phone. Time to call in one of those favors her sister owed her.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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  1. O M G….that was AWESOME! yes! so A/H rules once again! im soo glad his mother isnt MINERVA. not.a.chance. but i loved it!! its like, totally amazing. you should REALLY write the 3rd part! it ended with a cliffhanger! who is opal’s kid’s dad? huh? huuh? why cant arty junior find out who his mother is, i mean, wouldn’t that be good news?! oh well. keep it up! please write more fics, you are totally awesome! 100% better than me! mph. not fair!

  2. Okay! I wasn’t sure if anyone would want a third part, but I set it up so that if you did I had some stuff to go on for starters. I know that the stories are kinda straying from the title, but after a while they take on a life of their own. I tried to keep some of it the same. I’ll write third one if you like, but if I’m going to do it I’d better get started. 😉
    Oh, and I would NEVER make his mother Minerva. Maybe his step mother, seeing as how she’s already dead and can’t get in the way, but maybe not. Hmm….
    One last question. I was thinking about starting another story, so that I have something to work on outside of History Repeats stuff, but my idea features characters that aren’t from AF, but I made them up, their not from another series. Would that be considered a crossover?

  3. nope. i didn’t categorize the cross species battle under crossovers, now did i? that has a lot of new people. i think you should REALLY make a third part. no, pleze dont add minerva! just make the stepmom somebody better. why would arty want HER?! yuck. sorry minerva lovers, but its just not right. oh, and you should totally make a new story!

  4. Okay, good point. I wasn’t sure but I didn’t want to categorize it wrong. Thanks. I won’t make the stepmom Minerva then. I don’t care she sucks anyways. I don’t know why he would want her. I’ll see what I can do about a third History Repeats. I’ll go ahead and make a draft of that other story to, see if I like it before I post it. I’ll put either the first part of one or the other up soon.

  5. Okay! Thanks for everything, continuing this, not including minerva and for saying thanks!

    Good luck on the next part, I’m looking forward to it!

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