Help and you get the GRAND prize… UPDATED!!!!!!!!

Summary: Hey, I have this idea for a story, and I want to keep it a seacret, but If you give […]

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Hey, I have this idea for a story, and I want to keep it a seacret, but If you give me character ideas for a pointless yet funny kinda thing, I’ll name them after you and put them in my next story. Here, I’ll just give you the beginning.

Holly hated doctors appointments. But she had been asked in as a randomΒ blood donor, and she knew whoever needed it would be VERY greatful for it.

The syringe was fully filled with blood, and she unrolled her arm.

“Ms. Short, your family will be very grateful…”

Holly laughthed

“You must not of read my family backround… I have no family”

The doctor looked up at her

“We’ll according to your files, you just gave blood to them”

Holly’s eyes widened

“I want to see them…”

The piont of you helping out is because I can’t think of any weird/funny characters… but hey, this is your chance to be related to Holly Short… SO MAKE YOURSELF A CHARACTER! PLEASE! It’ll help me out…



Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  2. iwa the Chris Tormentor January 14th, 2010 at 3:06 am 2


  3. have a chracter?

  4. I want to be in it!!! I want to be her twin Molly.(Not my real name and none of this is true) I like all sports especially soccer, I’ve been living with Mud Men for 2 years and I constantly dye my hair. Good? =)=)

  5. thanks!

  6. Heather Viola.
    Natural green hair with dyed pink/blue tips.
    Dark Blue/dark green irises.
    Has the odd habit of using Shelock holmes quotes in everyday coversation.
    Knows Tae Kwon Doe.
    Had roots in the Butler family, and is distant relitives with the Fowl’s.
    Knows about the people but they don’t know her.
    Borother is Demetrix Butler, who was adpoted but kept his family name.
    Good enough character? (if you don’t use her, I will.)

  7. Mallory Reiner-Clarke January 14th, 2010 at 6:45 am 7

    I want to be her older half Mud/Elf sister Melina!!!
    (This is also not true)
    I absoloutly adore sports that have boys in them,I love going to the beach,I have a black belt in all fighting and defense things,and live above ground mostly, And holly has sort of forgotten me.
    That Good?

  8. ArtemisfianceNo1 January 14th, 2010 at 6:47 am 8

    I want to be her older half Mud/Elf sister Melina!!!
    (This is also not true)
    I absoloutly adore sports that have boys in them,I love going to the beach,I have a black belt in all fighting and defense things,and live above ground mostly, And holly has sort of forgotten me.
    That Good?
    Sorry for repeat, My real name got put up there

  9. Me me!
    So my cahracter should be called Rosie because I love that name. I love soccer and track and I am very smart and do especially well in math and history. My personality is very odd as I love to be loud and fun with my close friends and really outspoken. When Im around people I don’t know I tend to keep my mouth shut. My style is black makeup and I usually wear jeans and a tshirt. I hate major mainstream stuff and brand names. One more thing…. I love music. I also see the world for what it is and like to take things straight up no matter how cruel it is. That’s my personality if you want to use it for a charcter.

  10. Woah. I’m sorta doing the same (cept for the plot) and it looks like you’ve got loads of people… but anyway…

    Pessimist, very, very pessimistic
    Not goth, but likes the color black too much to be normal.
    Quite clever, but more of a smart-alec type
    Listens to music (always, always, and always)
    Also thinks boys are a waste of time, except for a few. Very few.

    There you go.

  11. Sycamore Arbor. Sixty-five years old (so pretty much a teenager). Holly’s niece. Always off into space. Wants to work as Foaly’s apprentice when she gets old enough. Her father was a sprite, so she looks mostly like an elf, except she has green wings. She has long brown hair and the Short family’s hazel eyes. She doesn’t like humans but she knows there are some good ones. She loves music, as indeed most fairies do, but she especially enjoys Beethoven and Mozart, rather than fairy artists.

    Detailed enough? I tried to compensate for being late. If you don’t use Sycamore, then I will write my own story with her in it.

  12. Ooh! Ooh! Ooooh! Pick me! Pick Me! Pick ME! ME! ME! ME! I’m very weird and random! PICK MEEEEE!! If you don’t I’ll cry! If you do pick me, my character will have long red/brown hair, hazel eyes(like Holly), and she’s the second buttkickingest elf EVER! Holly’s the first. Oh, and she blackmails people. AND she has a crush on Butler or Foaly but is very good at hiding her emotions. And listens to scream-your-lungs-out music. She eats meat.



  13. Beckett Simpleton January 14th, 2010 at 9:28 pm 13

    OHHHH can i be in it? If i am can my charicter be called:
    Have red hair.
    Have brown eyes.
    Be an outcast of the Short family.
    Like Artemis Fowl a bit too much.
    Listen too Mud/Man music.
    (If you menchen that then preferably J.Morrison-british singer not trumpet player-Paolo Nutini and Elbow)
    Secretly like meat an awful lot but is still veggie
    Be very very very VERY scared of Butler (problem if you like Artemis…)

  14. I want to be, (if its not too late…)

    Aralynn, Holly’s cousin
    Curly red hair and big, brown eyes
    Is taller than most fairies
    Kind of hot-headed, funny, and smart

    Hope its not too late. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  15. Wowthatsgenius January 14th, 2010 at 9:55 pm 15

    I’ll get you into the second chapter!

  16. Okay! Thank you! πŸ˜€

  17. Hey, can I be in???

    Here goes…

    Chase Tiron (It could be a girls name…!)
    Brown hair, green eyes. Always carries around a notebook to draw in. An artist at heart.
    Loves to draw and talk…a lot. I mean, she babbles, especially when she’s nervous.

    Thank u and good night!

  18. hey I got one! you don’t have to use her if you don’t have room, I know what its like, lolz!

    Salem Mason
    Hair: brown/auburn
    Eyes: hazel
    Very short. She’s a girl.
    Age: Hrm….what’s the fairy equivalent of 13?
    Personality: Spaces off sometimes, shy with new people and really random with friends and family, kinda artsy, likes to write fictional stuff, luvs hoodies and tomatoes…..=D

  19. oooooo pick me pick me

    i’m hollys cousin I’m half elf half mud girl
    i live in alaska and holly can’t remember me
    i have purple hair matching eyes and a sarcastic sense of humour my name is joanna
    and i have a tendancy to act like males
    and drink coffee with penut butter i’m bottom at everything at school except P.E

    the end (p.s if you don’t use this idea I will):>

  20. Ha, ADHD. XD

    Thank you for putting Sycamore in! And thank you for the beautiful description!! And thank you for this fic in general!!!

    ~Yoshi 8)

  21. Evyluvsbunnies January 16th, 2010 at 12:53 am 21

    Aside from some very minor grammar/spelling errors, this was pretty good! Can’t wait to read the next chapter! By the way, I have AD/HD too. πŸ˜€

  22. Wooo! I’m in~! It’s great. I just found some inspiration for my story after this! *chuckles*

    Oh, btw you have some grammar problems, and typos, but nothing major. Get a beta-reader, it makes your life waaay easier (my poor beta-reader).


  23. wow this is good! and hillarious! ADHD….what would we do without you? lolz I might have it…not quite sure…..probly though lolz! =P

  24. I think we all have AD/HD bwahahahaha

  25. Lol so true. Ammendments to Aria: any age, typical clothes (meaning always) plain black tees and any pair of clean jeans she sees in her room. Unless it’s for her mother, who fusses about her being too boyish so Aria usually just puts on a dress to save herself the nagging.

    She often says her family is ‘dysfunctional’.

    Her opinion on Artemis Fowl: the fairies could do without him, but they should do ‘things’ to his brilliant brilliant brain. Actually she wishes that she could do that herself.

    She considers herself the only sane one in all of the Short family. Dream on, Aria.

  26. Thanks for putting my charecter in! This is gonna be fun….Update soon!!!


  28. wow just frreaked out kuz mah moms friend was useing my com and closed this page!!!! OH THE HORROR! took me ten mins to find this again. totaly worth it……must….read….update!

  29. ps…OMG I WOULD TOTALY DO THAT WITH A TOMATOE!!!! *bites tomatoe* mmmmm….yummy…..lolz i totaly eat them like friggen apples, serious.

    And thank you, I am very…ah…individual.. =D

  30. My character is Luna. Shes a REALLY good artist (like me) and she loves reading books that seem way to advanced for her. Shes always wearing a novelty t-shirt, and shes really smart…. but she dosn’t like to show it alot or else people will judge her if shes a stuck-up know it all. OH! And shes obsessed with Mud men NFL football and is training to become a professional scuba diver. Plus shes kind of a hippie and smuggles mud men coke from above ground.

  31. I want to be in it. Can I come in later? Please?

  32. lolz, my puppies name is Luna! She’s like a total rebel, lolz! sorry, random, but UPDATE!!! this is histerical! luv what you did with my charactor! =D

  33. OH! i forgot a teensey little thing for my charactor……Salem has absence epilepsy which is just a fancy term for she stares off into space alot, can’t really tell what people are saying,talk, or possibly be unconsious for like a half to a whole minute at a time. But she goes right back to whatever she was doing once she comes to.=D kinda like me! lolz!

  34. YAY! BESTEST BUDDIES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    WHOO HOO! NO MATH FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! Hang on a minute… I LIKE math! I’m such a dork!
    “That, my good friend, is cannibalism; which is frowned upon in most societies.” It is so much fun saying that! It gets you all the attention in the room and alot of wierd looks. πŸ˜€ I am a very lonley girl today. πŸ™ EVERYONE IS IGNORING ME!!!!!!!! Pwetty pwees put me in your story. (puppy eyes)I’ll love you forever. I’ll be your bestest buddy.

    ~ πŸ™ (Niglected and sad) Love Child πŸ™

    MAKE ME WAKE UP! MAKE ME WAKE UP! WAKE UP DARN YOU! Oh, AND her name is Cheyenne Clair. Call her CC or die.

    I read it like, ten times before I realized I was in itÒ€¦ :blush:
    This is BlackOpal. Please don’t double post. Your comments have been merged. 

  35. Er…um…You should call her Chey, Chey-C or C-Clair instead because of crazy chick and their name abbreviation is CC.



  38. ArtemisfianceNo1 May 29th, 2010 at 11:31 pm 38


  39. Willow Leaf (I know it’s a wierd name but…)
    Fairy equivalent of 11 years old
    A bookworm

    Has a short temper(no pun intended)
    Has long brown hair and hazel eyes
    Is frequently late
    Frequently tells jokes that many people donÒ€ℒt find funny
    Likes imitating evil people
    Talks to herself

    Continued again:
    Is very shy except around close friends, then she sometimes talks for over 15 minutes straight

    Continued yet again:
    Dresses in unusual yet stylish outfits
    Listens to anime soundtracks a lot

    AA here. Please don’t double… er, triple… er, quadruple post, okies? πŸ˜‰

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