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Hello Sweetie

Summary: Who's surprised? Another DW crossover shot -.-; I'm prolly gonna fail.... ~ Not good luck, in fact, bad, it seemed death had followed her...

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Who’s surprised? Another DW crossover shot -.-; I’m prolly gonna fail…. ~ Not good luck, in fact, bad, it seemed death had followed her from that day, blackening her heart. Since he had left….

Chapter One, The Flight of Sarina Song

Sarina kissed the cross around her throat, her red hair floated down her back. She was waiting, a dingy bar, waiting for the target.Sarina, seems so innocent a name, for an assassin, thought Holly Short, approaching the bar with the rest of the squad, led by the Commander, they were all here to apprehend the one girl. Poor darling, I bet she’s gonna wish she never got into this. Trouble entered first, raising his Neutreno at the red-haired sprite. She just rolled her eyes, deep purple splotches rolled on a white background.

“Trouble, you’ve been on my case for a while, you haven’t caught me yet, nice try. Now I would like to know, who pinged me?” Her eyes swept the room as the officers walked through the door.  The elves at the bar tried to look indifferent, but failed. Then she saw the sprite.  She moved from her seat, at lean on the bar next to him. “Did you? Ah, yes you did. Nice try, how much is the reward?” Of course she knew, but it made everyone tense, asking that question. it was like she didn’t care.

The LEP officers were silent, the only sound was the sprite. “5,000,” he whispered. A look of contempt appeared on Sarina’s face. She pulled a gun, mud man pistol, and shot him.

And then she was gone, not shielded, just… gone.

Now, move away, seven blocks east, and then another two north, but stop walking. Why? You ask, it’s an empty street. Until I point out the blue box on the corner,  you didn’t see that before, did you? Now, go up to the door, but don’t open it. Let’s just say we’re inside, what you would see is a a teenage girl with red/brown hair and deep purple eyes, hiding a pistol. You would see her pick up a newspaper, and settle into a normal life. her name was Sarina Song, she was a half Time Lord, and an assassin.


“How’d she get away this time!?” Trouble Kelp hissed, slamming his gloves on his desk, frustration made him look like he hadn’t slept that night. The truth was, he hadn’t, but that isn’t important. Holly placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, but he shook her off. Holly, hurt now, looked at him sadly, and left. Trouble considered apologizing, but he sat down, with a sigh. She always got away. Maybe he should go see…. He grabbed the gloves he had slammed on the desk, and opened his drawer. He grabbed the key, and made his way to the bar.

Then let’s imagine he went seven blocks east, and then two more north, then he found the blue box, that was bigger on the inside, and he put the key in the lock, and he opened the door.

And he saw Sarina.

Chapter Two, The Doctors Daughter


Sarina jumped to her feet, running for the stairs, but Trouble was faster. He tackled the teenager, who yelped. The Doctor, who had just appeared out of a door upstairs, yelled, “Trouble! Sarina! What’s going on?” He rocketed down the stairs, and helped Sarina up. The mockery in her eyes was too much for Trouble to bear.

“Doctor, let her go,” he said coldly. How stupid am I? I forgot my Neutreno! “She’s under arrest, for murder.”

The Doctor looked at Sarina oddly. “You’re a liar, Kelp!” She spat. “I am not a murderer! I am a Time Lord!” Trouble nearly killed himself, then and there. Of all the girls I could pick a fight with, it has to be with my best friend’s daughter….

“Well….” The Doctor said, looking at both of them. He flipped a lever, and the TARDIS lurched.

“Doctor! No! Doctor, stop! Take me back! I have to get to Holly!


Three days later….

Holly was worried now, Trouble had been missing for three days, Grub hadn’t seen him, he hasn’t shown up for work for three days. What Holly didn’t think was, he was in the TARDIS, yelling at The Doctor, and itching to do something about Sarina, who he thought was mocking him, with every cheeky wink. Dang her! I just want to get home.

Everything really started when The Doctor took them out of the TARDIS for the first time. They had landed on Rassilon Five,  an oceanic planet.

Sarina learned this the hard, and wet, way, much to Trouble’s amusement. She fell out of the TARDIS, into the ocean, now she was wet and annoyed, but they were on the capital city of Rassilon 5. “It’s not funny,” she grumbled at Trouble, who grinned brightly. The Doctor rolled his eyes.

“You notice that taste in the air?” He asked, sticking his tongue out of his mouth. Trouble rolled his eyes when Sarina did the same thing, and nodded. “A little like iron… a teleport!” Sarina grinned.

She almost jumped up and down, and Trouble realized she was just a child. “Dad! Dad! You know what’s on Rassilon 5?” The Doctor motioned for her to continue. “Mum’s prison!” Trouble sighed as a grin broke out of The Doctor’s face.

“Does it run in the family, or something?” Trouble asked, rolling his eyes, as they made their way through the crowds. The Doctor ignored him.


A guard in the Stormwind Prison, the best in the universe, was scared. He dialed The Commander’s number with shaky fingers.


“Sir, she’s doing it again,” he whispered.

The Commander, he had just be transfered from another facility, sighed. “Who is doing what?”

“River Song, Sir, she’s packing.”

Guards ran down the hall to stand in front of the prison door, bulkheads clicked into place, alarms rang. The prison was a hive of activity, all because one woman was packing.

But it wasn’t just any woman, her name was River Song, and she didn’t get to see her only child often. She quickly applied some lipstick, and smiled.

You guys are gonna kill me after you read this, kill me or cry, or maybe both….

Chapter Three, River’s Ice Skates

River met her family outside the prison. “Mom!” Sarina cried, running forward to embrace her mother. River Song smiled, wrapping her arms around her daughter.

“Hello Sweetie,” she whispered to the red-headed bundle that was hugging her. Trouble was surprised, this crazy human-gun murderer, Time Lord, thing, was still a child. Just sixteen. Maybe when he got back he could erase… NO! What was he thinking? She was a murderer!

“Well where are we going today?” River asked, holding her daughter at arm’s length. The Doctor held up a long arm, showing them a pair of ice skates.


Sarina tottered out onto the ice, and fell on her bum. River laughed, and skated to the young Time Lord, who was currently trying to get up. Trouble smiled to himself, she was kinda normal, it seemed like she was any other child. Why did that surprise him so? he shrugged, and started to find his footing. Sarina’s phone buzzed, she opened it, and smiled slightly.

“Dad! A distress- WOAAH!” She skidded and fell, River smiled, and helped her daughter up.  “Ow…. Ok, Dad! There’s a distress call, coming from Earth, somewhere in Ireland, look!” The Doctor, now curious, skated over, to look at Sarina’s phone.

He smiled.


Artemis Fowl The Second coughed, hands blackened by soot. Fire raged around his, swallowing his home, his life. He had to get to Holly…. There! Holly Short lay in Artemis’s study, passed out. Artemis did his best, to pick her up. The elf fell back on the ground, Artemis hissed, and tried again. This time, Holly weakly opened her eyes. “Artemis?” She asked softly. Artemis nodded. “Let me go, I’m dying, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Artemis… tell Trouble…. I love….” her eyes softly closed. Tears sprang to Artemis’ mismatched eyes. A wail was torn from his throat. “She can’t be gone! No! Some body help her! Somebody save Holly!”


Sarina leaped out of the TARDIS, and looked at…. Fowl Manor? This can’t be right…. Oh gods, fire! “Doctor!” Sarina yelled, rushing forwards.

“Young lady don’t go in there!” A middle aged man yelled, Sarina assumed he was Artemis Fowl the First. All she knew is that she could smell Holly in there, she knew Trouble would never forgive her if she let Holly die…. Sarina nearly stopped in her tracks. Since when did his opinion of me become so important? She ignored that feeling, and sniffed. Flames, smoke, a human, and an elf, that way! Sarina made a sharp tu

rn, her converse boots screeching on the ground. She slammed through a door, nearly tripping on a pale human slunched over a thin body. He looked up, his eyes red from crying.

“Please help her,” Artemis whispered, his voice hoarse. Sarina, not saying anything, bent down, and picked up Holly, slinging the elf over her shoulder. She ran down the stairs, Artemis trailing after her. Sarina put Holly down on the grass, near a ranting Trouble, who was throwing a fit at the stupidity of children. His angry words trailed into silence when she saw Holly. Sarina sighed.

She said to words, to word to make Artemis Fowl the Second break down completely. “I’m sorry.” Holly was dead, and she had broken the hearts of two men.

Chapter Four, Trouble’s Laement

Sarina just couldn’t take it anymore. “Doc, we’re taking Trouble home,” she said three days later, just before Trouble woke up. The Doctor just nodded, knowing it was coming. He started up the TARDIS, hitting levers and buttons, assisted by the girl opposite him. Trouble stumbled down the stairs, as usual not saying anything. He made his way downstairs, to eat a small brekfast.

As usual.

He didn’t really care anymore, Sarina, she had lost friends as well, knew how he felt, a little bit. Sarina sighed slightly, she’d miss Trouble, just a little bit… I mean, how could you really miss the officer that was trying to arrest you? The Doctor saw Sarina looking after Trouble, a slightly sad look on her face. He smiled at River, who was coming down the stairs, and jerked his head in the direction of Sarina’s gaze.  River smiled slightly. The TARDIS landed, and Trouble went upstairs to change.

“Hey Trouble?” Sarina called, he turned blankly to look at her. “Get into an LEP Uniform, we’re taking you home.”

Sarina was surprised, and a little hurt, when Trouble snapped, “Good! I’m sick of you people, of you hadn’t come, Holly would still be alive!” He ran the rest of the way to his room. She sighed, and started towards the pool, then she turned around.

“You know what? I say he deserves a little talk with my foot….” She started up the stairs. The Doctor rolled his eyes.

He sighed, leaning on the console. “What’s she going to do now, eh?” River looked at him oddly. “She can’t go back to her old life….” She now nodded.

“I guess we could go back…. No, let’s travel the universe, go everywhere, see everything. I’ve gotten bored,” The Doctor said. Trouble came down, now wearing his LEP suit, followed by an annoyed Sarina.  She grinned brightly at her mother, who hid a smile.

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  1. Wow, that was awesome! I didn’t find any mistakes, my only problem is, whats DW stand for? 5/S

  2. Doctor Who XD
    Thank you! I plan to update today, so more soon, sorry for the shortness 🙂

  3. It’s okay

  4. thats awesome even though you cammanded me to read it… update please!

  5. XD LOL. XD
    That’s brILLiant, Mira! xp Great job! You’ve written a great fic here. 😀 I didn;t spot any sort of error, other than a few misplaced commas. 😉
    I LOVED the last bit. 😀 River packs, the prison freaks. XD Hah. I love River. 🙂 She’s one of my favorites.
    Cute story, Mira! 😛 Update soon!!! 😀


    (PS Sorry about the bad comment. 🙁 My first one didn’t show up and I had to re-type the whole thing.)

  6. Love the update, so UPDATE!!

  7. same with FM, why do i agree with you so much FM?

  8. Awesome!!! Update!

  9. @M. Fowl, I don’t know, maybe we have a telepathic relation

  10. @FM Maybe so…
    No Holly is dead! I hope Trouble and Artemis get over it… Well mostly Trouble…

  11. Noo!!! *cries* Not Holly! No! *cries* 😥

    *whispers* please, update, and make Holly live…

  12. FowlsGirl123 June 11th, 2011 at 3:17 am 12

    AHHH!NOOOOOOOOOO!You can’t kill Holly like that! It’s just not fair! I shall have to kill you like you so nicely suggested. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @Fowls0Girl123; Really Fowl’sGirl… Don’t you dare kill my sissy if you do I will kill you!
    @Mir; Awesome update though still sad from the last one and why do I always think of whats going to happen next and usually get it right?!?

  14. Hmm. Another Doctor Who fanfic. according to you, The doctor, who, by the way is a freaking IMMORTAL, married River Song, who just happens to be the daughter of Amy Pond, and therefore…The Doctor is Amy’s Son-in-Law? Too weird. Anyways, good fic. A 5.

    Well, they aren’t married. Maybe at the end XD. I KNOW he’s immortal. *total addict to the series* Well, enjoy…. ~Mira

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