Giggling on the toilet…

Summary: Inspired by my favorite character, Mulch Diggums. Heck, he can own this for all I care.

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Don’t ask me how,

I do know not.

Don’t ask me when,

(it doesn’t really matter)

Don’t ask me why,

I have no clue.

Don’t say WHAT!?

Cause that’ll upset me.

I woke up,

Giggling on the toilet.


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  1. I- I am very confused at this… Care to explain more? How does it relate to Mulch?

  2. Yes, this does seem like something Mulch would do. Not professional by any means, but certainly not bad. Here’s what gets me: it’s short and somewhat irrelevant. I don’t know what counts as spam or not, but I would add another poem or two just to be safe.

  3. I really don’t get this. It’s so short, and pointless. As Fal said, add another poem, at least. And as Amy said, it doesn’t relate to Mulch, to me.

  4. I give 2 stars just cuz it reminded my of mulch and cuz it was moderately funny. A bit strange and irrelevant. That is all

  5. i didn’t get this.i mean,sounds like the sort of thing mulch would colfer said,”mulch was about as tecnologically minded as a stinkworm” anyway there aren’t any SPELLING MISTAKES well done

  6. It made about as much sense as Mulch ever does and was very IC. I agree with Falcon. I don’t see it’s relevance, but it is hilarious. It reminds me more of a drabble than a poem.

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