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Forty-Nine Days

Summary: An out-of body experience. Forty-nine days of being unseen, unheard and unnoticed. A devious plan to stop.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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Note from the Author:

I got this idea when reading a mandarin book with a very, very similar storyline. The storyline is slightly twisted by moi, and characters in the book replaced by AF characters. Other than that, all credits go to Zai Kan Yi Yen(Take Another Look is the best English translation I could come up with) and of course. Artemis Fowl. The initial main character was Vinyaya, but I decided against it. You’ll see why, later on the story.

Also, this story is more H/T based, even though I’m neutral. Because A/H just won’t work.

Read on!

Chapter 1

The Accident

(Third person narration)

“Holly, I order you not to enter the dwelling.”

“Too late.”

An rush of static was heard as Commander Trouble Kelp heaved an irritated sigh into the microphone.

“Holly, we’re half a minute away.”

“I have to get her out!”

Pure Holly. Always has to play the heroine, in any situation. Even if said situation was an out of control multimixer that a goblin traid managed to smuggle aboveground, for some odd reason. Probably as a way to distract the LEP as the smuggle other contraband around. The multimixer was busy tearing up a rural Scottish cottage, and Trouble had made the unfortunate decision to send Holly up for Recon.

“Holly, we’re here. Out. Now.”

“Erm, kinda busy at the moment.”

Trouble jumped out of the shuttle, activating the set of Hummingbirds on his back. Yikes. Not good. Holly was being backed into a corner by the multimixer. She would be hamburger in seconds. Beside her was a young Mud Girl of maybe six, paralysed with fear as the multimixer’s blades inched towards them.

In true Holly Short style, i.e, without thinking, Commander Kelp swooped down and landed on the multimixer hood. He grabbed Holly’s arms while the little girl clung to the Captain like a limpet. Then he strained to lift them.

They were almost on the hood now. Trouble took a step back, and another… and felt nothing but air. Holly and the girl steadied themselves, waving their arms about. Then Trouble Kelp slipped and hit the ground hard, his skull breaking his fall.

Holly would never forget how Commander Kelp’s head snapped forward, and the dull thunk when his head made contact with the hard flagstone and brick on the ground.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Oh my. That might haught me tonight………. Well I really like the story but I would advise telling us a little more of a backstory and such. Other wise very good! 4 stars!

  2. FantasyDevourer October 16th, 2011 at 2:57 am 2

    Wha…wha…what???? I’m so confused.

    Probably if you make the fic longer I’ll get it, but for now…I’m confused!! No mistakes I saw (it’s short), but some elaboration would definetely go a long way.

    I’m not sure one how this would turn out, so, update. 🙂

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