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Fangs Part III

Summary: yeah... um... sorry H/A shippers (even though i'm one of them) i don't think it'll turn out well.

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I’M BACK! Yay…. Wait…. No one else is cheering… *knits brow in sadness*… oh… well, okay…

Just kidding! Well not about no one else cheering, unless there is someone out there who is as insane as me, who sits in front of their computer and stares at it refreshing the page until someone posts something, then celebrates… who am I kidding… no one else does that…

I’m starting to work on Betrayal, so keep your eyes open for that.

Yeah um… New York is awesome! A lot of stereotypical New Yorkers and a lot of really nice New Yorkers… yeah you don’t want to hear about that…

So, while I was gone (four days) there were so many stories written, I read them all before I went to bed after arriving at  home at ten O’clock, and I also wrote most of this, but all the stories were great, didn’t comment on that many but I did on some.  Yeah if you read this entire author’s note J lolly-pop for you! Or if you’re like Artemis I’ll give you a… ah… a… pillow? Yeah you don’t want to hear this….

Artemis Fowl:

I didn’t know what to say. Holly cared about me?

She looked at me, waiting for me to actually say something.

“Holly,” I said reaching my hand out to her. She closed her eyes.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t do this!” Holly stepped back, away from my outstretched hand.

Domovoi Butler:

I knew I shouldn’t have been listening to Artemis and Holly’s conversation, but I had been waiting quite a long time for this to happen, and it wasn’t going as I thought it would.

“Holly!” Artemis said as Holly kept backing away, finally turning around and running.

I felt bad for Artemis, I knew he liked her, and I knew that she liked him back.

It’s just a rough patch in their relationship, I decided. Keeping my ear pressed to the semi-open door.

Holly Short:

I ran out of the room, afraid of being hurt again. Every time my feelings got out, Artemis just ended up hurting me.

I slipped through the partly open door.

Turning around towards the closest of the many doors in Fowl Manor I ran into Butler.

“Oh, shit,” Butler hissed under his breath.

“Oh, shit’s right!” I yelled at him, “Were you just listening to us?”


“You were!” I yelled even louder, not hearing the door slid open.

“Leave it Holly, he was probably just making sure I was okay,” Artemis whispered in a sad tone.

I stared at Artemis, not daring to say that I was the one who already had saved him, more than once today.

I slipped past Butler out of the Fowl Manor.

Artemis Fowl:

I felt hunger gnaw at my stomach, what Holly had given me early hadn’t been enough, I was quickly growing hungrier.

“I’m sorry Artemis,” Butler said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“It’s okay, old friend,” I whispered, even though it wasn’t.

Holly had left, and I doubted that she was coming back.

Holly Short:

I just needed some time alone, I’d come back in a bit, after he realized that he should have listened to me.

But that will take a while, I thought, no I knew it would.

I also knew it would take something going horridly wrong for him to admit he made a mistake. I didn’t want to think about what that ‘horridly wrong’ thing was. I started to worry.  Maybe it would have been better if I had stayed to help Artemis.

Artemis Fowl:

The hunger gnawed at my stomach. I walked away from Butler and into the kitchen.

I held onto the counter, my knuckles turning whiter than they already were.

“Arty-miss! Arty-miss!” Myles yelled running into the room, Becket following right behind him. “Wow, Arty-miss you don’t look too good…”

“Arty-miss, what’s wrong?” Becket asked.

“Nothing… it’s just…” I bit my lip inhaling deeply, and necessarily.

I could smell the blood in them. I could just bite them. My hunger would go away…

No! I can’t bite them, they’re my brother’s!

But they are filled with blood, blood that I didn’t have!

But they’re my brothers! I couldn’t bite them!

My stomach rumbled.

“Arty-miss, your tummy’s loud!” Myles yelled

“I know,” I hissed through my teeth.

“Then eat something you simple-ton!” Becket said.

I took a deep breath. I could feel fangs sliding out of my gums.

“Arty-miss?” the twins whispered. I tensed all over. I could hear the blood pounding through them. My mouth felt dry, my stomach rumbled, my whole body screamed for blood.

I turned around, looking down at the twins, the Hunger taking over my body. My mouth opened, my fangs showing.

“Arty-miss!” Becket yelled.

I stepped forward leaning down, getting my fangs closer to them.

“Arty-miss!” Myles yelled.

I hissed at him, getting even closer to him, my fangs almost at his neck.

“Artemis!” someone yelled at the door, I turned. Holly was standing in the door, her Neutrino in her hands, pointed directly at me, shaking slightly. A pained look on her face.

I turned completely towards her. Baring my fangs at her.

“Arty-miss!” Myles yelled, “Don’t hurt Miss Holly!”

I stepped towards Holly, getting ready to bite her.

“Don’t do this Artemis!” she yelled “I don’t want to have to shot you!”

I took another step. The floor right in front of me exploded. I hissed, launching myself over the hole tackling Holly to the ground, knocking her Neutrino out of her hands.

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  1. “Oh, shit,” Butler hissed under his breath.

    “Oh, shit’s right!” I yelled at him, “Were you just listening to us?”

    *whistles* Censoring?

    And where’s the gore? Hurry up and pile on the gore!!!

  2. FantasyDevourer August 1st, 2011 at 9:20 pm 2

    Poor Holly! She may or may not be bitten by Arty!!! I didn’t see any mistakes, but I can’t see much of a plot.
    They’re just in Fowl Manor, stuck with Artemis’s weird hunger pangs.

    I hope that the plot starts to form in the next part.

  3. artemis_fowl_the_second August 1st, 2011 at 9:26 pm 3

    yeah, she probably will get bitten…
    the pot does start to unfold in the next one, well if i can think of one… i’ve been switching plots… alot actually, i have some ideas.
    oh and i didn’t see TungstenMessiah’s comment
    don’t worry, the gore is coming, and i think the dude with his neck ripped open was pretty gory, maybe it’s just me…

  4. Hey, you need to put a warning at the top of the story to warn younger users away, okay? Thanks. 😉

  5. I really liked it. It was a little slow but other than that, great.

  6. in love with Arty 6302 August 2nd, 2011 at 3:06 am 6

    Super awesome.

    BRING ON THE TENSION! I love the cliff-hanger.

    Updatee soooooon. But take your time to make it an awesomely detailed story! 5/s

  7. <3Trouble<3(FowlsGirl123) August 2nd, 2011 at 3:54 am 7

    Oooooh! Poor Myles and Beckett! And poor Holly! You make Artemis seem so mean! I guess it’s good, though, cuz it gives you something new to think about.

    I love this! It’s freaking awesome, man!

    I like the part where Butler is scared of Holly.

    I only saw some minor mistakes, probably typos, so maybe just read it through and correct them?

    I would tell you to update soon, but I would rather see Betrayal come out since it was mine, sooo……..


    Oh! I forgot! I read the whole authors note! Yay! Lolly pop for me! hooray!

    Wow. This has a lot of I’s in it. Great job, 5/s!

  8. u were the only one i’ve read to use the word”shit” without censoring so far.but it doesn’t matter because they once said…………sorry,i’m not allowed to use that word but i really loved the swearing bit but good story

  9. in love with Arty 6302 June 13th, 2012 at 4:53 am 9


    This is an awesome story and I can’t wait for the next part! I MUST HAVE IT! Even if you’re working on another one, PLLLLZZZZZ find some time to write more!!

    This story just gets better and better, can’t wait to see what happens next. ;}

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