FanGathering College, The Jewel Of Olympus

Summary: Artemis doesn't like FG College, there's annoying fangirls, know-it-all Site Team members, hyper geeks, and know-it-all professors, who everyone calls 'mods'! What is going ON? And to top it all off, a new enemy has risen from Greece, and is trying to tear the world apart. Artemis might have to rely on all of the above to save the world this time, but will a relationship between him and Holly stop this quest before it's even started?

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Artemis wasn’t happy, at all. His parents were sending him to some tiny college in Canada, FanGathering College. They weren’t allowing Butler, and there were some strange things that seemed to be going on there. At least Holly could visit, Trouble had set her watching this place, she was taking a course in Chemistry.

In three hours, Artemis would be leaving for Toronto airport, and for the FGC.

Alanna was very, VERY busy. She was organizing her class, Crimonology. All the mods were now professors in the FGC, FanGathering College. I ran into the classroom, yelling. “Artemis just enrolled! HERE!” There were gasps, and yells.

“Mira, are you telling the truth?” Alanna asked, surprised herself. I raised my eyebrow.

I said, “Lanna, would I lie about something like this? No!” Alanna reluctantly agreed, and rushed after me to the gates, to meet our V.I.P new student. A group of fangirls had gathered behind us, screaming at Arty to marry them. I told them to go away, he had married Fowlstar. There were shouts of surprise when he held out his hand to help a girl, Holly, climb out of the car. “Holly two!” I hissed to Alanna, she agreed, and stepped forward.

“Welcome to FanGathering, Master Fowl, I am Alanna Lena Zelen, a main moderator of this forum.” I heard shouts of, “Make way!” “Mod coming through!” All the fangirls were yelling their love out to Artemis, who had a displeased look on his face. “Don’t worry, their just happy to see you, Mira here will take you to your dorm.” She glanced at me, I nodded.

“Come with me, Artemis. OUT OF MY WAY!” I yelled at the fangirls, who cleared a path for Artemis, Holly, and myself. It was quiet inside the dorm wing of the college. “Let me get you set up,” I said.

Artemis asked. “Why does everyone here know me? It’s Canada, for the love of God.”

“You’re Artemis Fowl the Second,” I said, handing him a key to a dorm on the fiftieth floor. “Everyone knows you.”




“Nice,” Holly said, looking around Artemis’ room. He agreed, it was the height of luxury. There was even a hot tub inside. I smiled.

“I’ll leave you two.. alone.” I slipped out the door, and jumped off the railing, knowing the floor downstairs would save me from harm.

Holly grinned. “She’s smarter then she looks.” Artemis agreed. “But enough about the bell girl, what about us?” She softly kissed Artemis, who kissed her back. She smiled, and perched on the hot tub rim. Artemis came in for a kiss, soon the two of them were on the floor. With Holly’s work, and Artemis being a human, they didn’t get much time together. they leaped apart when the door opened. Mira was back.

“Erm, sorry to interupt, but, Lanna told me since there are no free boys to dorm with, you got Fowlstar as a dormmate…. I’ll just.. be… yeah, see you!” I slipped out the door again. Holly sighed.

“We never get to spend time alone, you know, just us.” Artemis agreed. The door opened again, revealing a brunette girl wearing a purple shirt.

“Hi!” She said. “I’m FowlStar, most people call me Fowlie.” She sauntered into the other room, carrying her bag lightly, like it was nothing.

Silence. Awkward silence. I had opened the door quietly and slipped in. “Herp derp,” I said. Fowlie giggled. Artemis looked at me oddly.

“What in the name of the universe is ‘herp derp’?” He asked. I grinned.

I said, “Herp derp, or herple derple, is to be used in the case of awkward silence!” Holly laughed at ‘herple derple.’ So did Fowlie. Artemis sighed.

“Alright, when do classes start?” He asked me. “Since you seem to know everything.”

“In three days, so have fun….” I grinned. “While you can.”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. That was really good!! 🙂 FCD!

  2. Artemisia Snape April 29th, 2011 at 2:39 am 2

    Torry* is right. It was really good. Please UPDATE SOON! PRETTY PLEASE!!! 😀

  3. love it sissy! ill save my brother from holly and get fowlie with him! Go e-sisters!

  4. That’s really awesome :D;)

  5. Grr, sorry this update’s short. But longer next time! I promise!

  6. mira better update soon

  7. LEPreconGirl May 7th, 2011 at 11:42 pm 7

    Are you dead!?!? That’s horrible! But the paint weapon thing honestly made me smile, and give a half-snort half-giggle. (graceful, I know) I like the way the plot is evolving, and didn’t see that coming. I wonder *scuffs toe, slightly embarrassed* could I be in it?

    Update, please!!!

  8. Course! I’m gather two crews now, people I’m gonna kill off, and people who are gonna try and bring back the people who are killed off. ^^
    (Screwed up, I know XD)

  9. OMG, count me in, for either group, I’m really not bothered which.

  10. May I please be in one of them? I don’t care which one. (But I really don’t want to die)
    Please Update!

  11. Mira you havn’t updated in like a month whats keeping you away?

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