Experimental Crossover

Summary: I was walking upstairs to my room, with my backpack cutting into my shoulder, when I heard voices.  “Stop that!” […]

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I was walking upstairs to my room, with my backpack cutting into my shoulder, when I heard voices.

 “Stop that!”

“Shut up!”

“Hey, d’you think anybody’s gonna come in here?”

” Why does this place have so many of these laying around?  What do they do?”

I could rule out my brother, because all the voices were different.   Suddenly, I heard static and some part of a Swithchfoot song.  I opened the door.  And to my surprise, there is a whole host of people there.  And I recognised them all.  There was Artemis Fowl, Cassia Reyes, Alex Rider, Tris Prior, and many more.  Basically, everyone form every book I’ve ever loved.  Well, the main characters, at least. 

“What in the name of pizza’s going on here?”  I said, angrily.  “If my parents had found you all here…”

“”You’d be dead,” completed Nicki Maxwell from the Dork Diaries series.

Then I realized that I’d have to give them rules, or they’d just continue to live and/or act like everything was normal.  That meant possibly killing someone for some of them, and I wouldn’t stand for that.  “Ok, here are the rules:

1. No voilence or guns.

2. My name is Maddie, and this is my room.  If you ruin my American doll, books, or school stuff -basement.  And it’s either freezing or burning down there.

3. Don’t mess with my radios.  They are both calibrated to WJTL, which is really hard to dial into.  And no singing music that has swears, sex, or drugs in it.”  I love Christian music.  “Any questions?”

“I have one.  What are these?’  asked Cassia Reyes, from the soon-to-conclude MATCHED trilogy.  She held up my CD case.

“Those are CDs.  You stick them in and this happens.”  I put in a random one, BarlowGirl, and guitar riffs came out of the speakers.  Then I turned it off.  Artemis remained silent.  I could see the arrogance in his eyes.  He thought he was so smart. 

“CD is the abbreviation for compact disc.” said Artemis.  He was sitting on the edge of my bed.  His lips curled into a sneer.  “Or didn’t you know?”

NOBODY INSULTS MY BRAIN!  “Ok, listen here!” I shouted, and signed.  I was so angry, it was an unconcious choice to slip back into my old compulsion of fingerspelling everything..  “Yoy’re not the king.  You might be a genius, but you’re not the only one.”  To the rest I apologised.  “Sorry.  When I first moved here, my entire class antagonized me over my voice, my little knowledge of popular music, and my everlasting enthusiasm.”

“What’s that in your mouth?” asked the kid sitting on my jewlry box.  Alex Rider, kid MI6 agent.  “It makes your teeth and gums all shiny.”

“My retainer.”  I pulled out the plastic mold.  “It’s an Invisalign.  I have a bonded wire on my lower teeth.”  I tilted my head down so they could see the annoying wire.  Turns out the orthodontist was right.  I wouldn’t notice the wire after I got the retainer.

“But what’s it for?  Why would you wear one of those by choice?” said the person from a world of supermodels.  Tally, still as an ugly, not having had the operation completed.

” It’s for crooked teeth.  To make them straight.” piped up Nicki in a how-come-you-don’t-know-this voice.

“It looks like that I’ll introduce you by time period.” I said.   From the future:  Tris Prior, Cassia Reyes, and Tally Youngblood.  From now:  Artemis Fowl, Alex Rider, Harry Potter, Cammie Morgan, and  Nicki Maxwell.  From unknown time, Yelena Zeltora and Rossamund Bookchild.”

“I’m from the past.  I think.  We didn’t have all these retainers and CDs and stuff,” answered Yelena.

“Me too,”  replied Rossamund

Suddenly, there was a clatter.  My brother and his annoying friends were here.  I raced to the door, locked it, then turned the radio up loud.   “Sorry,” I signed and mouthed.   I opened my bag and pulled out my math, which I rushed through.


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  1. Interesting, I’d love to see more. A few errors, but nothing that bad. Keep updating so I can rate it fairly!

  2. Sweet! I wonder how they came to life? Update soon! 9Artemis can be really annoying!!!)

  3. Hmm. Really well-writen, considering the circumstances. Normally the fics where everyone’s favorite character just randomly shows up are less than ideal. You actually did pretty good. Pretty IC (for the few characters I know), considering they just randomly showed up in your bedroom. All in all, not bad. Please update!

  4. Cool! But please update soon. I’m with Elfitude, I want to know how they came to life, and more importantly, what they are doing in your house. If I found all my favorite book characters in my house, if i’m being honest, the moment I saw them I would probably start freaking out and go lock myself in my bedroom. But that’s just me. Anyways, its really good, and i can’t wait to hear more.

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