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Summary: “I have to go” She couldn’t stand those words “No! Its my job to stop her… you can’t! Commander Root promised” […]

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“I have to go”

She couldn’t stand those words

“No! Its my job to stop her… you can’t! Commander Root promised”

He glanced down at Holly

“I can’t leave you like this Holly…”

She shoved him rather forcefully

“I’m more stable than you are… I’m going to get her, you’ll see!”

Commander Trouble Kelp snickered, pulling on Foaly’s newly desighned helmet and Neautrino.

“You call yourself stable Short? At this piont I don’t give a mudman’s ass about some mediocre promise that late Commander Root made… Haven needs they’re commander Holly… I can’t risk you”

He looked into her eyes. That expression of guilt and commanding… It was what made Trouble Kelp who he was. And Holly hated it.

“You aren’t the Trouble I did recon with”

She steadily stood up, taking a double take

“Your not the Trouble who Promised to watch after me for Commander Root”

She wearily gripped her Neatrino 2000 from the side of her moonbelt

“Your not Trouble… I don’t know you”

He snickered. The laugh sent tons of goose bumps shooting up her spine.

“Touch’e Short”
Holly stared blankly at him, lowering her guns aim.

“I don’t understand…”

“You really think you wanted me to see you run off with that mud man Fowl? Have you ever concidered that maybe sticking with your own species may have saved you all the tabloid articles? All those years of chasing down Opal, when all along, we could of had her already if you sticked with me?”

The way this was sounding to Holly, she didn’t want to even be in the same room as him for fronds sake! Let alone hunt down Opal Koboi with Trouble side-by-side

“You’ve gone off the edge, haven’t you Trubs?”

He glared at her, putting his gun away in his belt.

“That may be true, but Fowl has gone crazy way before I did”

He walked up close to her. Extremely close. He knelt down, kneeling exactly to her height, face to face.

Holly could hardly breath, and she couldn’t even manage to try to choke out words.

“Now tell me Short, Who kid napped you for his own greedy purposes?”


Holly started to cry, tears blinding her vision

“Holly, Holly, Holly…”

He cupped his hands around her face

“I thought you would know by now that you don’t nearly kill someone for your own greed?”

He smirked, and Holly was completely outraged.

In one single swing, she was able to punch him in the stomach, sending a less than sane Trouble Kelp across the room, letting out a single howl in pain.


Holly scooped off his helmet and put it on, the suction cushions in the helmet immediately accommodating to cradle her skull.

She set her Neautrino 2000 to scorch, and she looked down at what she had did to Trouble.

He had lost his breath, now clenching at his stomach, gasping for air.

His heart rate had obviously gone up, from the heavy pumping of the lungs in his chest.

The only movement he could make was having his eyes wander around the room, until the gaze settled on Holly, and his eyes widened.

Holly glanced in horror, but tried to ignore the fact that the only way to get the crazed Trouble to come back to sanity was to hurt him.


No turning back now, She thought.

I’ve been waiting thirteen years to capture her.


As she approched the door and opened it, Trouble was able to gasp some air

“What… the hell… are you…. DOING?”

Holly smiled, setting her Dragonfly Wings to flight. She looked down at Trouble

“I’m the exception…”


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  1. This is my first (serious) attempt at writing besides my other few large stories. Please tell me what you think! in case your wondering why I wrote it, It was because I wanted to write down somthing Im predicting to happen in Atlantis Complex

  2. Good: idea
    Notsogood: spelling
    Good: writing style
    Notsogood: grammar
    You get a beta, and you’ll be great. ‘Twas pretty good.

  3. Good.
    I love this story.
    Its great.
    You rock.

  4. I agree with AA. Great storyline, but the spelling and the punctuation is not the best. A beta would definitely improve it. Please update soon!

  5. I’m not gonna repeat what everyone else says cos it IS hard to get a beta. It was easy before most of them left and when thsi site was always busy but not anymore.
    It was a great fic and I’m not going to complain bout the spellings cos everyone makes mistakes when typing.
    I enjoyed this greatly, nice on Holly to give Trubs what was coming to him for ages.

  6. Hey, I’m still here! I’d beta!

  7. As I’ve said, I’d be happy to beta for you, but only if you want me to. I’d be happy to beta for anyone, really. I have way too much spare time.

  8. Nice story. =)=)

  9. This is SO good. Ur awesome at writing. Please write more… please?

  10. Ditto, Artylover41697. It was wonderful. The grammar could do a little work, but overall, it was amazing. 😉

    I’m starting to like you a lot. 😀

  11. Goddess Artemis February 1st, 2010 at 1:35 am 11

    Awesome! 4 stars

  12. Evyluvsbunnies February 4th, 2010 at 10:38 pm 12

    I agree with Artificial Asian. You really need to improve your spelling, grammar, and puntuation. For example, “piont” should be “point,” “Neautrino” should be “Neutrino,” and “desighned” should be “designed.” Also, your forgetting those punctuation marks! Work on that! 😉

  13. should join the fairy scouts

  14. Hermione Fowl May 8th, 2010 at 5:04 am 14

    The Fairy Scouts?? What are they? =)=)

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